Fluent Forms 5.0.0 Beta 1 is Now Available

Attention form builders! We’re looking for beta testers to help us make Fluent Forms smoother, sleeker, and more user-friendly than ever before!

Fluent Forms 5.0.0 Beta 1 is Now Available

Attention form builders! We’re looking for beta testers to help us make Fluent Forms smoother, sleeker, and more user-friendly than ever before!

Why Join Beta Testing?

By joining our beta testing program, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at new features, have a chance to shape the direction of the platform, and help us make Fluent Forms the best form builder out there. So don’t wait – fill out the form today and get access now!

Beta Testing

Fluent Forms 5.0.0 Beta 1 is ready for download and testing!
This version of Fluent Forms is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of the plugin on production websites. Instead, you should test Beta 1 on a development or local server.

You can test Fluent Forms 5.0.0 Beta 1 by following the steps:
Step 1: Direct download the free version Beta 1 version (zip). For the Pro version please submit the form in the next section of the page then we will provide you with the Pro version.

Step 2: Upload and Active the plugin in your development Site.
Your assistance in testing this version is very important in ensuring that everything in this release is as good as it possibly can be.

How you can help: testing!

Any software development process must include testing for bugs, and it is a valuable way for anyone to contribute, regardless of background.
Please report any issues you believe you may have encountered to our support portal here. Remember to use #fluentforms_beta hash tag in the support ticket so we can tag them.

Testing Tips

At a high level, here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of this Call for Testing:

  • Use Different Validations, Inputs, Conditions & Integrations.
  • Test across different browsers.
  • Compare features on different screen sizes, including tablets and mobile.
  • Use a screen reader.
  • Test with different themes.

Notable highlights

  • REST-API: We have replaced the Ajax call with REST API calls.
  • All action & filter hooks’ naming convention has been changed following best practice with support for older hooks. Please check the developer documentation here
  • Added post-update permission for guest users
  • Improved support for Metabox and ACF in Post Form
  • Improved PDF layout for large text entries
  • Updated translation strings
  • Fixed issue with repeater field not appearing correctly on PDF
  • Fixed custom payment amount shortcode
  • Fixed coupon code date issue
  • Fixed checkbox list field behavior when all boxes are unchecked using Metabox
  • Fixed ACF checkbox/multiple choice not working
  • Fixed payment summary display issue when using coupons in conversational form

The Editor got reshaped

From three-column to two-column, the fields in the right sidebar make the whole editor spacious. You can easily find the fields you want.

[bafg id=”27646″]

Prebuilt forms got a new style

We have changed the prebuilt form section and brushed it up to give it a cooler look. Also, the forms categories are better-organized.

[bafg id=”27600″]

A cleaner preview for each form

The preview section is now more engaging than before. Not only that, you can check the look for various screens right there.

[bafg id=”27653″]

Navigation got better

Navigation in settings now becomes more user-friendly as you find all the relevant settings under a nav item.

[bafg id=”27655″]

Revamped UI, improved UX

Fluent Forms is coming with an amazing revamped UI and improved functionalities.

Square payment integration

Square payment integration to make your payment option more dynamic, more secure.

Fastest framework

A tidy and clean framework to make the overall form-building experience smoother.

Our Clean Interface

Fluent Forms Pro Version Beta Access

Please complete the following form to get the Fluent Form Pro beta version.

Fluent Forms UI Beta Request
Please use your wpmanageninja.com (if any) account email address