Google Forms vs. Jotform vs. Fluent Forms: Which is Best Fit for Your Project? 

Google Forms vs Jotform vs Fluent Forms

In search of the best online form builder solution? Well, there is plenty of form-making options available. But you’ve to choose one as per your requirement.   

Whatever the form builder is, Google Form or Jotform, or Fluent Form, all will help you create online forms, quizzes, and surveys at ease. However, by knowing the specialties and comparative reviews, you can pick the most suitable one. 

Google forms and Jotform have hosted form builders. On the other hand, Fluent forms is a WordPress form builder to help you create elegant forms with its innovative features. 

Today, we will conduct a competitive analysis of Google Forms vs. Jotform vs. Fluent Forms. In doing so, we will provide some suggestions to help you get started with the forms. Thus, you can easily choose the best fit for your work. 

Google Forms (Free Online Form Builder Solution)

Google Forms is a free online form builder that offers you to make simple forms with just a few clicks. You can add your questions to the ready template. Besides, users can choose from different types of answer options like checkboxes, drop-down menus, or short texts. 

Moreover, Google Forms lets you easily customize the form and add images or videos. This form builder is widely popular for its data validation and visualization functions. 

What’s more, one can evaluate the results instantly and share them on Google Sheets. Overall, it’s a very simple and handy tool to help you in the data collection process.

Fluent Forms (Fastest Form Builder Plugin for WordPress)

Fluent Forms is one of the most user-friendly WordPress form builder plugins offering plenty of intuitive features. Creating a form is very easy with the drag and drop builder option.  

If you are looking for a friendly user interface and upgraded functionalities in the form building experience for your business, Fluent Forms can be the solution. Users can add an email and evaluate form responses easily. It offers 60+ pre-built form templates, so you can quickly make the form you want.  

Moreover, you will get many widgets and 3rd party integrations like PayPal, Stripe, Slack, Trello, ConvertKit, Hubspot, Zapier, etc. Again, it is a secure platform. And you will get live support from this form builder plugin.

Jotform (Best Online Hosted Form Builder) 

Jotform is an easy-to-use online form maker solution to help you create secure forms for your site.  

You can add mail addresses and see form responses at ease. Interestingly, Jotform comes with a mobile app to make your job smoother. It offers more than 10,000 free form templates to let you quickly make almost any type of form you want.  

Moreover, you will get 300+ widgets and 150+ 3rd party integrations like Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Slack, Zoom, HubSpot, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. More importantly, a secure payment form can also be created as it has 30+ payment gateway integrations. 

Another thing, you don’t have to be tense about data security while using Jotform. Lastly, the form builder solution provides 24/7 live support.

Google Forms vs. Jotform vs. Fluent Forms (A Quick Overview) 

Form BuilderGoogle FormsJotformFluent Forms
RatingBasic form builder (4.7 overall ratings)Feature-rich form builder (3.5 overall ratings)Fastest form builder for WordPress (4.9 overall ratings)
Functionality All basic form featuresExtensive features with 10K+ pre-built templatesUseful features with 65+ pre-built templates
SupportOnline support Live Support 24/7 Live Support 
Audience Who wants an easy option to take surveys, quizzes, and pollsCompanies want premium support and featuresCompanies using  WordPress websites that want a form builder
WordPress PluginNoNoYes
PriceFree and premium (Begins at $12/month)Free and premium (Starting from $288/year)Free and premium (Starting from $59/year)

Form Builder

Microsoft Forms


Fluent Forms


Basic form builder (4.7 overall ratings)

Feature-rich form builder (3.5 overall ratings)

Fastest form builder for WordPress (4.9 overall ratings)


All basic form features

Extensive features with 10K+ pre-built templates

Useful features with 65+ pre-built templates


Online support 

Live Support 

24/7 Live Support 


Who wants an easy option to take surveys, quizzes, and polls

Companies want premium support and features

Companies using WordPress websites that want a forms builder

WordPress Plugin





Free and premium (Begins at $12/month)

Free and premium (Starting from $288/year)

Free and premium (Starting from $59/year)

Google Forms vs. Jotform vs. Fluent Forms: Comparison in details 

If you want to collect data online, online form makers like Google or Microsoft forms will do the job for you. Which one should you pick? Does Google form vs. Microsoft forms? 

Choosing one among these form builders is a tough task. Go through the analytical comparison between Microsoft Forms and Google Forms to understand which one to choose.

Ease of Use

Google Forms is an easy-to-use online form builder solution that you can use its sections easily and create forms. 

Aside from this, making a form is even easier with Fluent Forms. It comes with a simple form editor to let you get started without needing technical skills.

On the other hand, Jotform is difficult to use and fill out on mobile browsers. Yet, it offers a mobile app, and you can start with it easily. 

Finally, Fluent forms will be the winner regarding ease of use.  

Pre-built form templates

No matter whether you have a WordPress site or an online store, you will need to create contact forms. A form maker plugin like Fluent Forms will allow you to choose from more than 65 pre-designed form templates. Google forms are not rich enough in this section. However, Jotform offers 10K+ pre-built templates. 

Therefore, Jotform took the crown in the case of pre-built templates. 

3rd Party Integrations 

Google forms integrate with other applications of Google workspace like Google sheets. But it doesn’t have payment acceptance like Fluent forms or Jotform. Both Fluent forms and Jotform offer payment integration from payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. 

However, Jotform offers a huge number of integrations (150+) whereas Fluent forms have lower than it (45+). So, Jotform becomes the first choice here. And Fluent form will stand second after this. 

Publishing Forms in WordPress

There are two types of form builders.

  • Hosted form builder
  • WordPress form builder

In our comparison list, Google forms and Jotform are hosted form builder solutions. Whereas, Fluent forms is one of the best WordPress form builder plugins. 

Since 42% of the websites of this world are built on WordPress, you should go for a solution accessible to the WordPress dashboard. 

So as Jotform and Google forms have no access to the WordPress dashboard, Fluent Forms would be convenient for your WordPress site. 

Mobile responsiveness

Currently, 58.8% of the total online users are mobile device users. So, a form builder needs to be mobile responsive. Google forms and Fluent forms are both very mobile-friendly. 

Contrarily, Jotform is not as mobile responsive as the other two. According to the customer review, it isn’t easy to use on mobile browsers.

So, both Fluent forms and Google forms win in this portion.

Pricing and licensing

As a simple minimalistic form builder solution, Google form has a premium option starting with 12$. 

Fluent Forms also has both free and pro versions. The premium version of this plugin is very reasonable. Depending on different plans, you can start from $59 and go as much as $799. For a single site license, you have to pay $59 a year and $199 for the lifetime license. Yet, the most popular offer of Fluent form is the five-sites license costing just $129. 

In contrast, Jotform is quite more expensive than Fluent forms. It starts from $288 per year that lets you use 25 forms and 1,000 monthly subscribers. It has another plan costing you $348 a year. (100 forms and 10,000 subscribers). And for unlimited forms and 100,000 subscribers, you have to pay $948 annually, which is far costlier than Fluent Forms.

In words, Fluent form is a cheaper option than Jotform. Yet, Google form is the cheapest, but Fluent Forms is the winner considering the functionality. 

Customer support

Customer support can guide you whenever you face any issues creating your forms. You can get a support ticket to get the proper assistance of the Fluent forms support team. Plus, it comes with documentation and YouTube videos, and a vibrant community of experts where you can get answers to your questions. 

On the other hand, many reviewers claimed issues with late responses from the Jotform support team. However, Jotform also comes with a dedicated support team. 

The other form builder, Google Forms, also has online customer support. Finally, the Fluent form support team does its best compared to the other two options. 

User ratings

Fluent Forms cut an overall 4.9 rating on, having more than 200K active installations. It has already gained 320+ 5-star reviews. Many happy users mentioned that they love Fluent forms’ ease of use and reliable customer support. 

In contrast, Jotform includes a 3.5 rating having 10K+ active installs and only 25 reviews. The rating signifies that the users are not happy with the low support of this plugin. Google forms have an overall 4.7 rating on with 9320 votes. 

Fluent forms win here, beating Google forms and Jotform. 

How to Create a Form with Google Forms

It doesn’t require you to be a tech specialist to create a form with Google forms. It’s as easy as a piece of cake. Follow some steps and get started with just a few clicks.  

Step 1: Click on the Google Forms website. Go to the link: and sign in if needed.

Step 2: Click the Blank form option (or select any templates).

Step 3: Add new questions by clicking on the plus sign. You can also edit questions by tapping the edit option. 

Step 4: Add images and videos. In this case, choose the question you need to use images. After that, select the image/ video icon in the right side menu. 

Step 5: Provide a title for your form. Choose the Title “Tt” option to give a title. Besides, you will get the Add Section button in the sidebar.

Step 6: Customize form settings. Click on the Settings option. Receive the mail id of the surveyed persons. Keep the option to change their answers after submission. 

Step 7: Share your form. Click on the Send bar. You can also add collaborators. Finally, users will get the form link and can share it directly on social media like Facebook.

How to create a form with Jotform

Creating a form with Jotform is easy if you follow some steps. You can get started with Jotform and make a form very quickly.

Step 1: Get logged in to your account and press the “Create a Form” option. 

Step 2: 3 options will be visible to you. 

2.1. Start from Scratch

2.2 Template option

2.3. Import Form

If you’re a beginner, choose the template option.

Step 3: You have to select either the Classic Form or the Card Form. 

Step 4: After that, you can input the questions. 

Step 5: There will be other necessary fields, like name, address, submit button, etc., in your form.

Step 6: For more options, click on settings and customize the settings as required. 

Step 7: Publish your online form.

Publishing Forms in WordPress

As you have noticed, both Google forms and Jotform are normal form builder solutions. Whereas, Fluent forms is a WordPress form maker plugin. 

Since 42% of the websites of this world are made of WordPress content management systems, you would want a solution that integrates with WordPress. 

Then, publishing a form using Fluent forms can be your best option. Don’t know how to publish forms?  

How to Create a Form with Fluent Forms

As a WordPress website, you can build elegant-looking and responsive online forms with Fluent Forms. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and select the New Form from Fluent Forms.
  1. Three types of forms will be displayed:
  • Regular Form: There will be pre-built templates like Contact Form, Conversational Form, Support Forum, and many more. 
  • Premium Form: You will get some gorgeous pre-built templates for premium support. 
  • Blank Form: You can create your form from scratch by choosing a Blank Form. 
  1. Now, we will tell you about creating a form from scratch. Press “Create a blank form” and select the category. 
  1. Then give a name for your form on the “Blank Form” option. 
  1. Add fields as per your requirements by clicking on the input field buttons. 
  2. Then you can customize the Fields by clicking on the Edit icon as you need. 
  3. After finishing the customization, click on the Save Form 
  4. At last, copy and paste the shortcode to where your form will be put.

Check out this guideline to learn more about creating a form with Fluent Forms. 

Our Verdict: Which Is the Best Form Builder?

Have you cut your choice between Google Forms vs. Jotform vs. Fluent Forms?

All three form builders are easy to get started with while creating a form. However, as our comparative analysis shows, Fluent Forms is better than Jotform in terms of ease of use, customer support, rating, and low price. 

And Google forms is just a basic form builder solution. If you need extra functionality, a form builder plugin like Fluent forms will do the job best for you. 

Hopefully, you now realize the difference between Google forms, Jotform, and Fluent Forms. By the end, you should have decided to fulfill your requirements of creating online forms.

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