Want Conversion? Minimize Distraction

As an entrepreneur, it’s your dream to get as much conversion as possible. But, are you aware of the obscurity you’re putting in front of your visitors? What are they, you might ask?

Popups, buttons everywhere, excessive links, and multiple navigation bars. First of all, you have to make sure a smooth and convenient experience for your users while they’re visiting your website.

The less call to action (CTA) you can keep in your site, the better visibility you can ensure. I suggest keeping only one single CTA, be it a button or an image with a link or a flexbox.

Keep another thing in your mind that the more complication you make, the less they’re likely to fill out the form. Ask only for the email address, for example, and customers will interact with it more comfortably.

Lastly, keep your landing page simple without filling it with a lot of elements that make it unpleasant to read. Animation, videos – whatever you implement – don’t compromise with the page loading speed.

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