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Course Evaluation Survey Form Template

Use Course Evaluation Survey Form Template to gain valuable insights from your students

Course Evaluation Survey Form

Course Evaluation Survey form (#15)

1. Please answer all required questions.

2. Only complete this evaluation if you will be completing the course.

Course Data:


Your Evalutionsare important so do it carefully


About this template...

Feedback matters! Help improve the quality of education by providing honest and constructive feedback through our easy-to-use course evaluation survey form. Fluent Forms’ customizable templates allow you to rate and provide comments on various aspects of the course, including the professor, curriculum, and classroom experience. Your feedback will help instructors identify areas for improvement and provide better educational experiences for future students. With Fluent Forms, it’s easy to design a tailored course evaluation survey form that meets your institution’s specific needs. Moreover, our online forms can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy for students to submit feedback on their own time.

Course Evaluation Survey Form

Features of this Template

  • Easy-to-use form for evaluating courses and instructors
  • Customizable form fields to fit specific course needs
  • Anonymous responses to encourage honest feedback
  • Can be completed on any device with an internet connection
  • Responses are instantly collected and available for analysis