Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms: A Comparative Study

Mahiyath C ○ September 20, 2020 ○ 20 minutes
Fluent Forms vs Ninja Forms

Are you in search of the perfect form builder plugin for your WordPress site and unsure about which one to choose? While there are a number of alternatives for you, picking the right one can seem like a daunting task. 

Fear not, for we are here to guide you on your quest for the perfect form builder plugin that will transform your WordPress site into a lead generation powerhouse and beyond. 

In this blog, we dive into a head-to-head comparison of two leading contenders: Ninja Forms and Fluent Forms. Let’s see what they have to offer. 

Before going into the comparison, some introductory words on these plugins first.

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Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms
Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is an efficient form builder plugin. It is user-friendly and straightforward. Users can create effective online forms using Ninja Forms without any coding skills.

There are a few benefits to using Ninja Forms.

  • Drag and drop
  • Easy layouts 
  • Conditional forms
  • File upload
  • Submission export

However, it is not without flaws either. The pricing seems fair at the beginning. They even sell the features separately, which may seem like a good idea. But when you add up all the necessary features that you need, you’re faced with an enormous bill. Official forums are extremely difficult to find. Besides, users often feel like they are restricted in terms of styling. These cons often force people to look for Ninja Forms alternatives

Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms, form builder, wordpress

The other WordPress form builder plugin we’ll talk about in this article is Fluent Forms. It is the smartest, most lightweight, and thus the fastest form-builder plugin. Some key features of Fluent Forms are – 

  • Drag-and-drop form builder plugin for smooth user experience
  • Dozens of useful pre-built form templates for quick form building
  • Conversational forms for giving the best form-filling experience
  • Conditional logic for more control over your forms
  • 45+ native integrations for additional functionality
  • PDF add-on for generating PDFs from form submissions
  • Multi-column form layout for ultimate freedom
  • Calculated fields for measuring numbers based on inputs
  • Payment feature for accepting payments from your clients in a seamless way
  • Quiz and survey module  

This is just a sneak peek of Fluent Forms’ capability. There’s a lot more that Fluent Forms can get done. 

Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms

Both of these plugins are incredibly efficient in what they do. But for the sake of comparison, we have selected some criteria based on which we will judge them.

  • Basic functionalities
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Entry management
  • Spam filtering
  • Integrations
  • Payment module
  • Customer support
  • Licensing & pricing

Basic functionalities 

In this section, we will discuss the features that make up the skeleton of a form builder plugin. Without these essential features, a WordPress form builder is left incomplete. 

  • Prebuilt form templates 
  • Input fields 
  • Multi-column layout 
  • Conditional logic 
  • Global styler 

Both of the plugins provide free versions. So you can go to the links below and try out these plugins for yourself.

Prebuilt form templates

Prebuilt form templates

First up is obviously prebuilt form templates. What’s a form builder, if it does not provide its users with a simple way to create forms? Prebuilt form templates remove the hassle of creating forms and offer you templates of some of the most used forms. 

Fluent Forms provides 75+ pre-built form templates. That’s an incredible number of form templates. This allows all users some breathing space. Beginners can create forms without any coding knowledge, and advanced users can actively focus on the more essential issues without having to fret about forms. 

On the other hand, we have Ninja Forms. The 16 pre-built form templates are ranging from a simple contact form to a quote request form. 

Winner: Hence, in this Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms contest, Fluent Forms takes the crown.

Input fields

Input fields

The next thing we have on our list is the input fields. Your form builder may come with a plethora of prebuilt form templates, but users are still limited without the chance of customization. That’s where input fields come in. 

Users can take a blank form, and the input fields will help them make the online form they want. Or, they can choose a prebuilt form template and customize it to fit their purpose. Fluent Forms offers an arsenal of input fields. From the essential name fields, email fields, to the advanced checkable grid, signature, payment fields, etc., 

In total, there are 45+ input fields. Of them, 25+ are entirely free. These free ones include essential fields like text area, radio field, checklist, etc. Besides, users can even do advanced tasks like terms and conditions, apply reCAPTCHA, collect passwords, etc. with a simple drag and drop. 

Ninja Forms also provides ample opportunities when it comes to input fields. There are 25+ input fields available to the free version user. This includes the number, single-line text, checkbox, etc. 

Winner: What Ninja Forms lacks with pre-built form templates, makes up with input fields. However, users frequently face issues with drag and drop which puts it slightly behind.

Multi-column layout 

Multi-column layout

Multi-column layouts are practical tools for a user. It helps users collect more information than a standard in a single online form without breaking it into multiple steps.

Placing input fields alongside a single page helps users to hold their attention for long enough. Fluent Forms provides this feature to all its users. Presently, you can have as many as six input fields in a single row.

While Fluent Forms makes things interesting with containers, Ninja Forms makes users manually drag and drop the input fields below or on top of any input field. 

Winner: Ninja Forms is a little behind Fluent Forms in this round.

Conditional logic

Conditional logic has been a turning point in the data collection game. It takes a form and changes it as we go. This makes your form smarter and more user-friendly. With conditional logic onboard, analysts can ask their audience precise questions and not get lost in the hoards of data. 

Fluent Forms provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of conditional logic. You can apply conditional logic to show or hide any input field based on users’ input. On top of all, conditional logic is completely free with Fluent Forms.

Ninja Forms offers no conditional logic for free

Ninja Forms offers similar features. You can use this form builder to simplify your forms. It is included in their Small Business plan for $99. You can also purchase Ninja Forms conditional logic separately. 

Winner: We believe nobody should pay for conditional logic. This is where Fluent Forms wins in the Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms round.

Global styler

Fluent Forms Global Styler

Styling a contact form is imperative for increasing conversion rates. Many website visitors turn away without filling out a dull-looking form. A clean visual and a hierarchy of form elements grab the confidence of visitors, which is why it is vital to spend time styling and positioning a form.

Fluent Forms offers plenty of global styling opportunities without any coding requirements. There are plenty of elements and layouts to choose from. When a user clicks on the Preview button, they’ll be redirected to a preview page with styling capabilities. 

There are two tabs to choose from – General, Misc and Import. Users can decide upon a template on the General tab, and they can further customize the form from the Misc tab or if they can select an existing form to apply a style. Users can also style beautiful CSS forms if they have coding knowledge. 

Ninja Forms, on the other hand, provides few styling opportunities too. Users can add styles to elements, labels, wrappers, etc. It doesn’t come with a Personal plan, which forces users to opt to purchase a higher-priced plan. 

Winner: Fluent Forms is a little ahead of the game in terms of styling options.

Advanced capabilities

The basic functionalities will cover most of the everyday tasks of a web form. However, users may often find themselves at a place where they need to explore a few more features. Based on this, the following are some of the most sought-after features that can help you create complex forms within minutes. 

  • Image & file upload
  • Form step
  • Partial form entry
  • eSignature
  • Survey options 

Image & file upload

File upload is vital for contact forms. Sure, contact forms and subscription forms are some of the most predominant online forms, but you’re going to have to collect files and images from time to time. 

Keeping this in mind, Fluent Forms sports accessible file collection. There are two separate input fields on Fluent Forms Pro. If you only want to collect JPG, PNG, GIF, etc., you can use the Image Upload input fields. 

However, if you require a broader array of files, you can opt for the File Upload input field. This includes all the image formats, as mentioned above, and much more. You can collect audio, videos, docs, zip archives, CSVs, and even executable files, etc. all in the same form. 

Users have similar flexibility with Ninja Forms as well. Ninja Forms file upload allows users to collect pictures, music files, videos, etc. Admins can use a File Upload addon to collect these files. 

Both plugins urge you to upgrade to a premium version or purchase an addon for file upload. 

Winner: In this Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms round, we have a tie.

Form step

Multi-step forms

Online forms aren’t always straightforward. Yes, the most popular subscription form only asks for our emails, or the contact form wishes to know our queries, but some forms require a bit more depth. 

But long forms pose the threat of boredom too. To solve this issue, Fluent Forms provides a Form Step input field. This field essentially breaks down the form into segments. You can then use this to categorize your questions and present them to your audience little by little. 

If users opt for Ninja Forms, they will also get multi-step forms features. Ninja Forms allows a long monotonous form to break into subsequent small pieces. This is included in the Small Business plan for $99. 

Winner: Since Fluent Forms provides it at only $59, it has a slight edge in the Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms round. 

Partial form entry

grow an email list

This is a great feature that will gain you insight into your viewers’ minds. Long forms, or even the simple ones, frequently get skipped. Users may feel bored, or some work may pop up. For whatever reason, users may leave the form incomplete. And with partial form entries, you can get an idea of why.

Using the Fluent Forms partial form entry feature, you can run statistics and see if there’s a pattern where visitors leave off. If there is a pattern, then you can learn from it and make better forms. Besides, if you have the email field towards the beginning, you may even collect emails of leads to pursue.

There’s also a Save & Resume feature in Fluent Forms. Using this, you can allow your users to save and resume where they left off. 

In Ninja Forms, you can provide a Save button for registered users. Users can benefit from it by coming back and choosing the save state they’d like to go back to. It even works for multiple saved states. 

However, although the multi-step forms feature is available with the Small Business plan, Save Progress is available as an add-on at $29. But you don’t need to break the bank to avail this feature in Fluent Forms. 

Winner: Since Fluent Forms provides it at only $59, it has a slight edge in the Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms round.


Online forms are often used to collect sensitive information. They are also used to confirm deals. In both of these cases and more, online forms often require a signature to seal the deal. 

Fluent Forms makes it easy by using the Signature Addon for Fluent Forms. This is an additional add-on that users can purchase if they require eSignatures. For a nominal fee, users will obtain the Signature input field. 

However, there’s no direct way of doing that with Ninja Forms. Users will have to connect to DocuSign using Zapier. 

Here’s what we have to say on the matter. If you have to do it through Zapier, why not go for the Fluent Forms Single Site License since Fluent Forms offers Zapier with all the pro licenses? Or, you can buy Signature Addon for Fluent Forms Single Site License at $39. You can save money and a lot of extra hassle! 

Winner: Fluent Forms it is!

Survey, polls and quizzes

WP Fluent Forms offers ample survey options

Although survey options may not make the core of a form builder plugin, a competent form builder will provide enough surveying opportunities. Surveys, polls, quizzes, etc. are vital to market research. A well-executed customer satisfaction survey is an excellent example of how vital surveys are to market research. 

Fluent Forms puts enough emphasis on surveys, which is why there are enough features to conduct proper market research. There are about eight prebuilt form templates ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to software surveys. Moreover, there are input fields like Ratings, Range Slider, Net Promoter Score, etc. that will help you create your survey from scratch. 

Moreover, Fluent Forms sports ample entry management facilities. With visual data reporting, users can creatively present their data and do their market research. 

On the other hand, survey options are pretty ancient in Ninja Forms. Sure, you can make your quiz. But you might have to incorporate some HTML or assign some values and conditional logic to input fields. But you can do all of this and more with Fluent Forms, that too more efficiently. 

Winner: Fluent Forms is the clear winner here.

Entry management

entry management

Fluent Forms is super rich with entry management facilities. Admins will be able to view, sort, and even take bulk actions against form entries. 

Visual reporting is a creative feature that makes the data more interactive. By representing data as charts, they become more comprehensible. Consequently, it becomes easier to conduct market research and take the necessary actions. 

Moreover, if admins feel the need to import or export some data, they are welcome. There are options to import and export data as CSV, JSON files, etc. You can export individual entries or in bulk. Additionally, there’s also a designated PDF add-on to make entry management even more comfortable. 

The Fluent Forms PDF addon lets you download all your selected entries as PDF files. You can generate these PDF files in the template you choose. And you can even have your company logo watermarked. Invoices can be generated as well and forwarded as email attachments to the personnel involved.

On the other hand, there is some basic form submission management on Ninja Forms. There’s the viewing option. You can configure your views and filter submissions. You’ll also be able to edit, delete, and export submissions. But that’s pretty much it. 

Winner: when it comes to entry management between Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms, the latter takes a big lead.

Spam filtering

Contact form spam

When it comes to online forms, cybersecurity is of the utmost significance. It is absolutely imperative to have spam filtering measures in place. Fluent Forms provides some of the best cybersecurity measures in the business. 

With Fluent Forms, you’ll get a honeypot for free. All you need to do is check a box to enable it, and you’re set. The reCAPTCHA field is one of the 25+ input fields that come with Fluent Forms, open to all users. 

Besides, there are other steps that you can take to safeguard your online forms further. Firstly, you can put form restricting conditions in place. Unless the senders fulfill your set conditions, their forms will not be registered. Moreover, there’s also an option to reject a blank form. This will dismiss all the blank forms and keep your website clean. 

Additionally, there’s also the Akismet integration on Fluent Forms Pro. Akismet anti-spam is an efficient spam blocker, and with this tool integrated into your forms, you can rest assured. 

In contrast, Ninja Forms’ data security measures seem a little complicated. You will get the honeypot, even on the free version. That’s a big win, just like with Fluent Forms. Akismet also comes along with the WordPress site. There are reCAPTCHA and form restriction facilities, but they are not as easy to implement, which is why Ninja Forms lags behind a little. 

Winner: Ninja Forms lags behind Fluent Forms in ensuring your form security.


Fluent Forms integration

There’s only so much a plugin can do by itself. But that’s where integrations come in. Through third-party integrations, a plugin expands its capabilities and offers increased functionality to its users without taking a heavy load on itself.  

When it comes to third-party integrations, Fluent Forms has a lot to offer. It even includes some of the most basic and most prominent tools on the free plan. When users choose the free plan, they can get MailChimp for email automation and Slack as a CRM integrated. These two together can make up the skeleton that a website needs. 

But Fluent Forms goes one step further and offers three others. You can get Mautic, MailPoet, and Fluent Forms PDF Addon for free from the WordPress repository as well. Choose the ones you like and skip them if you don’t need them.

Moreover, there are 45+ third-party integrations on the Fluent Forms Pro. All the pro licenses include several marketing automation software like Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, iContact, etc. Users can also get more work done through integrations like Trello, Drip, HubSpot, etc. Furthermore, there’s even a solution for SMS notifications to users’ mobile phones through Twilio integration. And there is a chance to connect to 5000+ other apps and software through the Zapier integration.

Similarly, Ninja Forms provides a gracious number of 30+ add-ons as well. There are plenty of options when it comes to email automation, CRM, payment modules, etc. However, these integrations are distributed among the various pro licenses, and there’s nothing for the free version users. 

Winner: When it comes to third-party integrations, Fluent Forms slides slightly ahead as it offers a couple more than Ninja Forms, and the price plans are more inclusive. 

Payment module

WordPress payment plugins

The payment gateway is one of the most important aspects of a form builder plugin. A payment gateway can help people collect payments, donations, etc. through a simple online form. This lessens a lot of hassle for the user. 

All Fluent Forms pro users can have Stripe, Mollie, RazorPay, PayPal, and Square integrated with their licenses. There is no distinction in the usage among the pro users.

In contrast, Ninja Forms offers slightly more options. Stripe, PayPal, Recurly, Elavon, and Authorize.net are integrated. And they are distributed among the various licenses. 

Winner: Fluent Forms holds a slight edge over the other.

Customer support

WP Fluent Forms - customer support

When it comes to software, there are always going to be issues that need attention. Whether it is someone who needs more thorough guidance or a bug that needs to be fixed, customer support is quintessential to software. 

And that’s where Fluent Forms takes the crown. The very reason it took Fluent Forms such a short time to make its stand is its customer-centric attitude. The developers always have the users’ best interests in mind, and that’s what drives them further. 

Fluent Forms comes with detailed documentation, graphic tutorials, and priority support for all its users. There’s an enthusiastic Fluent Forms Community where users share their experience and knowledge. 

Likewise, Ninja Forms’ support is also all-compassing. They have detailed documentation on their site and priority support for their license holders. However, what puts them behind Fluent Forms is their WordPress support forum. Ninja Forms team has resolved a lower percentage of issues compared to Fluent Forms’ 100% issues resolve rate. 

Winner: The top-notch support of Fluent Forms makes it the winner.

Licensing & pricing

Lastly, the pricing of these products. Pricing has a pivotal role to play in determining a product’s worth. If consumers do not get a good value for the price, it will not be accepted in the community, no matter how many features it includes.

It is often not pocket-friendly for beginners to try out different WordPress plugins. Keeping this in mind, Fluent Forms offers affordable pricing plans. There’s a free version packed with features and integrations for users. And the pro starts with the single site license at $79 for a year and $349 for lifetime usage. For moderate users, the five-sites license starts at $159 for a year and $599 for a lifetime. And lastly, there’s the unlimited sites license at $299 annually and $899 for a lifetime. 

And the best thing about Fluent Forms Pro is that all licenses include the same access to all the features and integrations. The different plans only determine the number of sites and duration of the license they can use. And if you purchase the lifetime plans, you won’t ever have to worry about renewal.

On the other hand, individuals will also get to use Ninja Forms for free from the WordPress repository. And the licenses start with the Personal license at $99, the Small Business license at $199, Web Design & Dev license at $399, and an Agency license at $599. The licenses are distinguished based on features and integrations. 

There’s also an Ala Carte deal where people can purchase the features they like. The price may be anything from $29 to $129. This was introduced to reduce users’ expenses, but as the pile increases in the cart, the bill can add up to a hefty amount. And not to mention the licenses are already a handful to even begin with. 

Winner: The pricing plan of Fluent Forms doesn’t just save your pocket, it’s also straightforward.

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Ninja Forms vs Fluent Forms: Final thoughts

When it comes to usability, both plugins have their pros and cons. Hence, whichever WordPress form builder you, check some of the critical features beforehand. 

  • More prebuilt form templates
  • More input fields
  • Advanced layout options
  • Powerful conditional logic and smart drag and drop?
  • Regular updates
  • Swift entry management?
  • Spam filtering

These are some of the most vital questions you need to ask before making your mind a form builder. 

Fluent Forms is a great plugin that will return your money’s worth and then some. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Head over to the WordPress repository and check it out yourself! 

Also, here’s a comparative analysis between Fluent Forms and Gravity Forms that may interest you.

Mahiyath C
Mahiyath C

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