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Employee Evaluation Form Template

Use employee evaluation form template to measure the employee performance.

Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Evaluation Form (#51)

Please remember that, the form will be confidential and will be used for only internally; so, feel free to submit your data however you feel to submit; 

Employee Information

Very PoorPoorAverageGoodVery Good
Work area?
Ability to do the job?
Ability to work with others?
Ability to receive feedback/criticism?
Ability to adapt?
Willingness to learn?
Willingness to participate?
Work ethic?
Quality of work?

About this template...

Evaluating employee performance is important to the growth of any business. With Fluent Forms’ employee evaluation form, you can quickly and easily assess your team member’s performance based on specific criteria. Our form also includes questions that allow you to evaluate communication skills, teamwork, work quality, and job knowledge. You can share the form with employees digitally and receive feedback instantly. Keep track of employee performance and use the data collected to make informed decisions about promotions, training, and development. Try our employee evaluation form Template and take the first step in skyrocketing your team’s success!

Employee Evaluation Form

Features of this Template

  • Efficiently evaluate employees with our customizable form
  • Streamline your performance management process.
  • Easy to use, with pre-designed templates available
  • Gain valuable insights to improve employee performance and retention
  • Save time and improve accuracy with our digital form