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Classroom Observation Form Template

Take this template to make an evaluation form for the teacher and get rid of paperwork 

Classroom Observation Form

Classroom Observation Form (#14)

Classroom Observation

Please use the following form to evaluate the teachers performance in the classroom. Your feedback is valuable and helps us ensure success for all teachers and students. Please answer each question honestly.
Strongly Agree AgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Teacher was prepared for the lesson.
Teacher encouraged student participation.
Teacher explained the lesson thoroughly.
Teacher interacted with all students.
Teacher was able to control the entire classroom.
Teacher effectively used technology.
Teacher used time efficiently.
Teacher responded appropriately to student questions.
Teacher used a variety of teaching methods.

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Classroom Observation Form Template will make it easier for students to evaluate their teachers and get rid all of the paperwork. It has all the essential fields included and you can customize and format it fit to your need.

Classroom Observation Form

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