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Workshop Registration Form Template

Use a Workshop Registration Form Template to collect information from applicants

Workshop Registration Form

Workshop Registration Form (#26)

Workshop Registration

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Date : December 05, 2020                 Time: 10:00 am              Address : 3491 Henry Ford Avenue, Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma, 74120

About this template...

If you’re planning to host a workshop, you surely have an efficient way to register participants. That’s why Fluent Forms gives you the best workshop registration form template. 

Our form template is fully customizable and allows you to collect all the necessary information from attendees, including their names, contact details, and the number of guests they’ll be bringing. Additionally, we’ve included a question to gauge how attendees learned about the event. Furthermore, this workshop registration form also features payment fields, making it easy for you to collect fees for the workshop if applicable. From now on, you can streamline the registration process and ensure a successful event. So why wait? Start customizing your workshop registration form today and enjoy a stress-free planning experience.

Workshop Registration Form

Features of this Template

  • Collect attendee information, contact details, and the number of attendees
  • Ask a quick question on how they heard about the workshop
  • Include a payment field to charge an entrance fee for the event
  • Customize the form based on your workshop requirements
  • Easily manage workshop registrations and attendee information