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Vehicle Inspection Form Template

Use the Vehicle Inspection Form to inspect the detailed information about a vehcile.

Vehicle Inspection Form

Vehicle Inspection Form (#63)
Front Bumper
Back Bumper
Leaks under vehicle
Tire pressure
Front/Back lights
Side mirrors
Pass Fail
Clean interior
Floor free of hazards
Seat belts condition
Brake functionality
Warning lights
Pass Fail
Oil level
Wiper fluid level
Brake fluid
Power steering fluid
Coolant level
Left turn signal
Right turn signal
High beams
Low beams
Emergency flashers
Windshield wipers
Brake lights
Reflective triangles or flares
First aid kit
Bio-hazard kit
Seatbelt cutter
Pass Fail
Cycle lift
Proper number of seat belts
Emergency handle
Hydraulic fluid


Inspector Name:


About this template...

Looking for a way to streamline your company’s vehicle inspection process? Look no further than our Vehicle Inspection Form! Whether you’re running a transportation company, warehouse, or any other business that requires routine vehicle inspections, our form can make the process quick and easy. With our form, mechanics, and technicians can perform inspections on-site using their smartphones or tablets, and once a report is submitted, it’s instantly available in your secure Fluent Forms dashboard. Our drag-and-drop form builder allows you to customize the form to meet your specific needs, without any coding required. You can even include e-signatures and upload your own branding. Say goodbye to paper forms and hello to a more efficient inspection process with Fluent Forms’ Vehicle Inspection Form.

Vehicle Inspection Form

Features of this Template

  • Allows for routine safety inspections of company vehicles
  • Can be filled out on any device for convenience
  • Instantly stores reports in a secure account for easy access
  • Customizable to meet specific business needs
  • Shareable via email invites or form links to streamline the inspection process