Fluent Forms 4.2 with Massive Features

Fluent Forms Update 4.2

Shahjahan Jewel
Shahjahan Jewel

Hello, this is Jewel, CEO & Head of Ideas at WPManageNinja. I am obsessed with WordPress since 2009. My aim is to be a user-centric developer first, and a serial entrepreneur second. You will find me discussing various tech issues and trying to come up with scalable solutions on different forums when I am not busy coding.

6 responses to “Fluent Forms 4.2 with Massive Features”

  1. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Hi! Kindly provide your email so we can fast forward your request

  2. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Hi! It seems like we will need to access your site to check the issue. Feel free to reach out to our support team so they can have a look.

  3. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Hi! You can check the following documentation and if you have more questions, you can reach out to our super-friendly support team. They will be more than happy to answer them.

  4. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Hi! If you want to filter countries, you can do it using a country field. In the advanced options of the country field, you will find all the options to filter the country list however you want. Currently, the address field does not offer similar functionalities.
    As for the geolocation issues, I think it’s best if you could submit a support ticket at the following link so our team can have a close look at it.

  5. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll add the single-field address on the feature requests. And could you elaborate on the country-restricted issue? There already is an option to include/exclude specific countries.

  6. Mahiyath C Avatar
    Mahiyath C

    Thank you so much! You appreciation keeps us going.

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