Introducing Fluent Forms 5.0.8: Enhanced Integration and Improved Functionality 

Shahjahan Jewel ○ August 24, 2023
Fluent Forms update 5.0.8 release note

Here at Fluent Forms, we constantly work to improve the experience for our users. If you were impressed with the revamped user interface (UI) we introduced mid this year, you’re in for a treat. In Fluent Forms 5.0.8, we’ve added new features, made improvements to existing functionalities, and of course, fixed some bugs. 

Let’s see what the new version of Fluent Forms has to offer. 

Fluent Forms 5.0.8

Address fields in conversational forms 

Users of Fluent Forms were asking for address fields in conversational forms. It was only available in regular forms. But now the address fields are available in conversational forms too.

Address fields in Fluent Forms

Moreover, you can show Google Maps below the address fields. While the address fields in conversational forms are available in both the free and the premium versions of Fluent Forms, the Google Maps feature is only available in Fluent Forms Pro. 

Address fields in Fluent Forms with Google Maps

Inventory feature improved

Fluent Forms goes beyond simple form-building solutions. It provides you with the ability to create product order forms. And when it comes to product order forms, keeping track of your inventory is crucial for your business. 

In the latest Fluent Forms 5.0.8, we have improved the inventory feature by adding an inventory details page where you can see a summary of the initial inventory. 

There are options to hide or disable the input field for ordering products if they are out of stock. 

Different options in inventory settings

Improved Airtable integration 

As you might already know, from February 1st, 2024 onwards, existing API keys can no longer be used to access the Airtable API. So we have improved the Fluent Forms’ Airtable integration using the latest API integration system. 

Improved Airtable integration in Fluent Forms 5.0.8

You have to integrate Airtable with Fluent Forms to make sure everything is working just fine. 

Other features 

Below are some other features added to the latest version of Fluent Forms: 

  • ACF repeater field available on post update 
  • Sort entries by column 
  • Improves formatted email for failed integration notification
  • Improve Phone Field’s validation library by adding more carrier support 

Issue fixes 

  • Fixed add or remove behavior of integration’s other field 
  • Fixed combined use of {all_data} and {all_data_without_hidden_fields} shortcode 
  • Fixed globally enabled captcha in conversational forms 
  • Fixed forms submission next and preview button behavior 
  • Fixed form title update 
  • Fixed Slack integration toggle button 
  • Fixed checkable fields payment calculation issue in conversational forms 
  • Fixed double opt-in confirmation landing page layout 
  • Fixed Pipedrive custom fields 
  • Fixed payment method required 
  • Fixed Platformly tags and integration disconnect 
  • Fixed custom payment field rendering in calculation 
  • Fixed conditional step-form not skipping with image as button 
  • Fixed payment module deactivation issue with inventory 
  • Fixed Salesforce required field and currency code issue 
  • Fixed Facebook landing page link preview 
  • Fixed numeric field for quizzes 

Wrap up 

With Fluent Forms 5.0.8, we continue our journey of continuously enhancing the smartest form-builder in WordPress. This update introduces address fields in conversational forms, brings several improvements, and fixes some bugs.

Going forward, we promise to maintain this momentum of developing the product that 300K+ people and businesses love. Stay tuned for more updates.

Shahjahan Jewel
Shahjahan Jewel

Hello, this is Jewel, CEO & Head of Ideas at WPManageNinja. I am obsessed with WordPress since 2009. My aim is to be a user-centric developer first, and a serial entrepreneur second. You will find me discussing various tech issues and trying to come up with scalable solutions on different forums when I am not busy coding.

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