WordPress 2024: Next-level Features Revealed in State of the Word

Prema Anjum ○ January 25, 2024 ○ 4 minutes
State of the Word, WordPress 2024

WordPress, the powerhouse behind a significant chunk of the internet, has once again left the global community in awe with its State of the Word address for 2024. The annual event, spearheaded by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, gives out a platform to reflect on the past year’s achievements and unveil the exciting features that will shape the future of the world’s most popular content management system.

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Reflecting on 2023

State of the word, WordPress

Before diving into the groundbreaking features for 2024, Mullenweg took a moment to reflect on the milestones of the previous year. The WordPress community has always been driven by a commitment to democratizing publishing, and in 2023, that commitment was reflected in the remarkable growth of the platform.

He highlighted the continued expansion of the WordPress ecosystem, with millions of new websites powered by WordPress. The open-source nature of the platform, coupled with the dedication of contributors, ensures that WordPress remains a dynamic and ever-evolving tool for individuals and businesses alike. For more details, check out Episode 69: Reflections on State of the Word.

Enhancements to the block editor

Block editor, WordPress

One of the highlights of the State of the Word was the revealing of enhancements to the Block Editor. Mullenweg emphasized the importance of the Block Editor as the backbone of WordPress, transforming the way users create and manage content.

In WordPress 2024, the Block Editor is set to receive a series of next-level features, designed to make content creation even more intuitive and powerful. These include advanced layout options, enhanced customization capabilities, and a more seamless editing experience. The goal is to empower users to design and structure their content with unprecedented flexibility.

Improved collaboration and workflow

Collaboration and workflow optimization took center stage in Mullenweg’s address. WordPress is not just a tool for individuals but also a collaborative platform for teams and organizations. In 2024, the platform will introduce new features aimed at improving collaboration among users.

Enhanced commenting and feedback mechanisms will facilitate smoother communication within the WordPress environment. Additionally, a more robust role and permissions system will provide finer control over who can access and modify content, ensuring a secure and efficient workflow for all users.

Performance and speed boosts

Website performance is a critical factor in user experience, and WordPress 2024 is set to address this head-on. Matt announced a series of performance and speed boosts that will make WordPress websites faster and more responsive than ever before.

From optimized code to improved caching mechanisms, these enhancements are geared towards ensuring that WordPress websites load quickly and efficiently across various devices. This focus on performance aligns with the evolving expectations of modern internet users and reinforces WordPress as a top-tier choice for web development.

The rise of full-site editing

Perhaps one of the most anticipated announcements was the rise of full-site editing in WordPress 2024. Matt Mullenweg showcased an updated approach to designing entire websites using the Block Editor.

Full-site editing allows users to customize every aspect of their website, from headers and footers to individual pages and posts, all within the familiar Block Editor interface. This move represents a paradigm shift in website design, providing users with unparalleled creative control over the look and feel of their online presence.

State of the Word 2023


As the State of the Word event concluded, the WordPress community found itself buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming year. The announced features promise to elevate WordPress to new heights, reaffirming its status as the go-to platform for both beginners and seasoned developers.

WordPress 2024 is not just an iteration; it’s a leap forward into a future where content creation is more intuitive, collaboration is seamless, and websites are faster and more visually stunning than ever before. As the WordPress community eagerly awaits the official release, the State of the Word has set the stage for another year of innovation and growth in the ever-evolving world of web development.

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