Fluent Forms 2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth

Shahjahan Jewel ○ December 27, 2023 ○ 10 minutes
Fluent Forms 2023 year in review

2023 has been an excellent year for Fluent Forms. We shipped some great features, unlocked two incredible milestones, improved the plugin’s UI, revamped the website, got awards, contributed to WordPress, and attended and sponsored WordCamps. 

The list goes on!

We could not be happier seeing how much Fluent Forms grew in a single year! Our commitment to an efficient, yet affordable and user-centric form-builder has taken Fluent Forms to new heights. Fluent Forms’ mission to provide the fastest and most dynamic WordPress form-building experience has never been more apparent. I’m excited to share all the updates of 2023 with you. 

Fluent Forms Growth in 2023 – Achieved 2 Big Milestones!

Last year, Fluent Forms saw exceptional growth, reaching 200k active installations on the WordPress repository. This year, it just broke our all expectations. We achieved 2 big milestones within a 10-month timeframe! 

We first reached 300,000+ active installations last February. And with the next ten months, we crossed 400,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository. It took us three years to touch the first 100K users milestone! The growth of Fluent Forms is unprecedented! 

Here are some interesting stats behind the growth of Fluent Forms this year — 

  • Reached 300k+ active installations last February 2023.
  • We shipped a whopping 16+ updates this year to upgrade Fluent Forms plugin functionality to meet users’ expectations.
  • We also released multiple fixes throughout the whole year to improve the overall plugin experience.
  • We released a revamped UI with better UX to suit users’ needs.
  • We upgraded the plugin framework for faster response.
  • Close to 7000 community members on our Facebook community.
  • Over 3000+ people connected to social media. Combining all social channels our Fluent Forms brand reached close to 4.5 million people through organic and paid marketing.
  • Our mother company WPManageNinja attended & Sponsored WordCamp Asia 2023.
  • Fluent Forms sponsored the WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 after-party.
  • WPManageNinja was also blessed to be part of the first WordCamp Sylhet by attending officially this year.
  • To educate and make the learning process much easier, our content team published total 75+ blogs throughout the year, where you can learn about Fluent Forms features in detail, dive into integrations with other platforms and learn more about contact forms functionality.
  • Fluent Forms blogs reached close to 300,000k+ people this year. This means we helped 53% more people make informed decisions compared to last year through our informative and on-point analysis.
  • Our team has also released dedicated developer documentation, anyone can extend the plugin’s functionality.
  • Our video team also grinds through the year to publish some awesome watch-worthy tutorials and detailed videos about new features. Fluent Forms video team published a total of 30+ videos throughout 2023 which were viewed by thousands of users.
  • Fluent Forms won the SILVER awards of The WP Awards 2023!
  • This year Fluent Forms crossed 5 million downloads on WordPress.org
  • And the big milestone, drum roll please – 400,000+ active installations in 10 months reached in last 17 December 2023!

Standout features of Fluent Forms in 2023

Our Fluent Forms team released some awesome features throughout the year and shipped 16+ updates with multiple fixes. Here are 07 features we released in 2023 — 

1. Address fields in conversational forms (Pro)

google maps conversational forms fluent forms

This was another big ask from our users. We finally shipped it this year. Now you can integrate Google Maps into your conversational forms. Previously only address field was available in regular forms by Fluent Forms free version, Now you can use it on both pro & free.

2. New payment integration – Square

Square payments fluent forms

​​Square is one of the most requested features this year, so we shipped the integration in 2023. Now you can use the Square payment gateway with order forms, donation forms, course enrollment forms, event registration forms, and any other forms to collect payments or even donations.

3. Form submission restriction based on IP and Country (Pro), Keywords (Free)

Form submission restriction Fluent Forms

We introduced form submission restrictions this year on Fluent Forms. Now you can can restrict form submission based on IP and Country using Fluent Forms Pro. If you are a free user, you can use the Keyword restriction feature to restrict someone from using certain words you list on restriction.

4. FluentBooking Integration (Free)

FluentBooking Fluent Forms Integrations

FluentBooking is a new WordPress booking plugin by our mother company WPManageNinja. After launching the booking plugin, we immediately shipped a super useful integration with Fluent Forms. Using the integration, you can add FluentBooking field directly into your forms! It is free for FluentBooking Pro users.

5. Personality Quiz (Pro)

Personality Quiz (Pro)

We also built a dedicated Quiz feature, you can use it to make interactive quizzes where users can participate and make form submission more fun. We are looking to expand this future in 2024 actively.

6. Notion Integration (Pro)

Notion Fluent Forms Integration

We were excited about this feature when we first wanted to introduce Notion & Fluent Forms integration. Now you can send your form entries to your notion database when someone submits a form. Is not that exciting?

7. Global Search (Free)

Global Search Fluent Forms

Another neat feature you will surely love. Now you can directly search anything from features to forms from your Fluent Forms dashboard without losing navigation.

Form accessibility

This year, we took a significant step towards inclusivity by upgrading Fluent Forms accessibility features to make the plugin more accessible to users with disabilities, including those with visual impairments and cognitive disabilities.

Users with visual or cognitive disabilities can use your forms and they are now both screen–reader friendly and support keyboard navigation.  Our goal is to make the Internet more inclusive and accessible for everyone. We will continue to work on this coming years too.

New Plugin Revamp & Website Redesign

To make your form-building experience amazing, we revamp the whole Fleunt Forms plugin this year! It was a bold step, our main goal was to give users a more eye-catching and easy-to-use experience. We focus on improving the navigation of the plugin, and give you more accessibility to features without looking for them.

Pre-built templates and form builders look way different than the old UI and the new UX presents a better user experience. Check out this detailed blog on major changes in Fluent Forms UI update with before & after UI & UX examples.

These changes happen all over the forms. You might want to check out this video to get a visual of the UI update. We also upgraded our old plugin framework to a new framework for faster response.

As our developers were working on the new plugin UI, our team was also working on redesigning the flunetforms.com website. Our goal of this website redesign is to showcase more about Fluent Forms features, help our users navigate the problems using Fluent Forms use cases and reach more people who are facing issues with their form builder to give them solutions through Fluent Forms rich features.

Won The WP Award 2023

Fluent Forms is the lightweight and most user-friendly WordPress form builder. And time to time, our users’ love and appreciation proved it through voting for us in various awards. This year, Fluent Forms won the SILVER of the WP Award 2023. We also got the GOLD award for our sister concern FluentCRM & FluentSMTP and SILVER for WP Social Ninja.

the WP Awards 2023

It’s the users who make us complete. Their love and suggestions keep us going and push our developers to ship more features to solve customers’ problems.

Contribution to Community

As a WordPress plugin developer, our mother company – WPManageNinja is always eager to invest in the WordPress community. 2023 is a big year for us – both WPManageNinja & Fluent Forms. This year, WPManageNinja officially attended and sponsored the WordCamp Asia in Bangkok, Thailand as Asok sponsor last February. 

This was our first try to join WordCamp with the team and we are really glad to meet so many of our users, well-wishers and industry leaders in this event. Seven of our plugin teams joined WordCamp Asia for the first time.

wordcamp asia Fluent forms WPManageNinja
Fluent Forms/ WPManageNinja Team at WordCamp Asia

Another big event for us was WordCamp Sylhet 2023 organised by WordCamp Sylhet Community. Last May, we sponsored and officially attended WordCamp Sylhet. It was exciting for our team members because for the first time, a WordCamp happened in our hometown. We actively participate as volunteers, speakers, and organizers like other WordPress companies. It was nice to see the WordPress community come together in real life.

WordCamp Sylhet Fluent forms WPManageNinja
WordCamp Sylhet Contributor Day

Last March, we explored the WordPress community in Kerala by joining the WordCamp Kerala for the first time. In September, our CEO Shahjahan Jewel attended WordCamp Malaysia as a speaker. He took a session on “The social way to build your next WordPress plugin business”, you can watch it here on WordPress.tv. Our team also attended WordCamp Europe, where we met so many of our users from that region. It’s always a pleasure to directly communicate with our customers and get to know how much they love our products!

Wordcamp Europe Fluent forms WPManageNinja
WPManageNinja Team at Wordcamp Europe

WordPress Nepal community is always supportive of us. This year we attended the WordCamp Kathmandu as Fluent Forms an official sponsor of the WordCamp After-Party. Our team member Prema Anjum also took a session on “Trending solutions for conversion optimization and lead generation process”.

Team WPManageNinja at WordCamp Kathmandu 2023

We not only attended or sponsored WordCamps, our team members also actively contributed to WordPress developments over the year. In WordPress 6.2, we had 11 team members contributing & in WordPress 6.3, 18 of our members contributed to the core release! The best thing about this is our team members are regularly contributing to WordPress development in their interest, and we always encourage our teammates to invest time in WP contribution.

WordPress contribution Fluent forms WPManageNinja
Our WordPress Core Contributors

Our members also helped organize multiple WordPress meetups for WordPress Sylhet Community. Our overall goal for community is to keep supporting WordPress development and its growth as products, companies and individuals. We did this in 2023 and we are committing the same goal for 2024.

The community of Fluent Forms

When we started building Fluent Forms, we focused on building a product that users will love. For that, we actively listened to our users. What they liked, what they wanted and how they see Fluent Forms help them solve their problems.

Fluent forms user review WPManageNinja
What users are saying about us

That’s why we build a community of over 6,500+ people on our Facebook Community. Where people come to help us with feature suggestions, bug fixes and often help each other on problems that might be missed by us.

Fluent forms facebook community WPManageNinja
Our growing user community at facebook

We are so grateful to this community of Fluent Forms users, it has a direct relation to Fluent Forms growth in 2023. We are active in our community, listening and acting fast is our top community priority in the coming year.

What’s Next for Fluent Forms in 2024

2023 was an excellent year for Fluent Forms. I am truly grateful for how you guys show love for our product and keep pushing us to do better. In 2024, we aim to incorporate more user suggestions in future Fluent Forms development and ship more features & integrations. 

Collaboration with products related to form plugins is our other priority. Users love to extend Fluent Forms functionality by integrating with other plugins to accelerate their workflows. We’d love to help them in the process.

From the start of our founding day, WPManageNinja had one purpose – “Help small businesses to their ultimate success by developing easy-to-use WordPress plugin solutions”. Making Fluent Forms the best WordPress contact forms plugin is one step to this greater goal. We are committed to this wholeheartedly!

Join Fluent Forms community if you are still not a member. If you are a Fluent Forms user, please don’t forget to write a review on WordPress. This will be a great gift for our Fluent Forms team. Your kind words are our daily inspiration. If you still have not tried Fluent Form, try it free today or buy the pro plugin to explore its rich forms functionality.

Merry Christmas & an Advance Happy New Year to you!

Shahjahan Jewel
Shahjahan Jewel

Hello, this is Jewel, CEO & Head of Ideas at WPManageNinja. I am obsessed with WordPress since 2009. My aim is to be a user-centric developer first, and a serial entrepreneur second. You will find me discussing various tech issues and trying to come up with scalable solutions on different forums when I am not busy coding.

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