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Advanced Post Creation with Fluent Forms

Prema Anjum
Prema Anjum

Hello, This is Prema. I work as a marketing strategist for Fluent Forms at WPManageNinja. When I am not playing with words, I go to explore nature.

5 responses to “Advanced Post Creation with Fluent Forms”

  1. Udit Avatar

    Hey there! Can we let users see all the posts that they created in such way via a frontend view? Maybe through their my profile section or woocommerce my account section?

    1. Prema Anjum Avatar
      Prema Anjum

      Currently, it’s not possible.

  2. Fidi Avatar

    Thank you for this plugin.
    My question is, how to get the post data of the forms to use it on insert in another database ?
    thank you

    1. Sadiq Ahmad Avatar
      Sadiq Ahmad

      Hey, you can follow this doc to get what you want.


    2. Prema Anjum Avatar
      Prema Anjum

      Thank you for your comment. You can’t insert the data into another database directly with Fluent Forms. But you can use a custom code to do this. You can also check out our developer docs for the solution: https://fluentforms.com/docs/

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