Top 5 Free WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic 

Ashik Elahi ○ May 31, 2023 ○ 11 minutes
WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic

You might be wondering online to find free WordPress form plugins with conditional logic. 

But unfortunately, there are lots of WordPress conditional forms plugins out there, but none of them are really free. 

As a result, you just didn’t get any free solution. But don’t worry, we did the research and listed the best conditional logic forms you can use for free.  All you need to do is just skim through this article and choose your preferred WordPress conditional logic plugin!

Let’s get started with an obvious question.

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What is conditional logic?

WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic, conditional logic

Simply put, conditional logic means that you can set rules, or conditions, that cause your process to change based on input. This statement hangs on the “If/Then” condition.

Suppose, you are throwing a party and set a rule that your guests must wear a party hat. If your guests arrive wearing a party hat, they can enter the party. 

Conversely, if your guest does not wear a party hat, they won’t be allowed to enter the party. Because the condition of wearing a hat is not met. 

Exactly the same way WordPress conditional forms work; it anticipates your needs and shows you only the fields relevant to you upon the condition you set.

forms with logic, conditional logic, fluent forms


These days, WordPress conditional forms are a true game-changer for different professionals looking to improve users’ experience. You should also leverage the power of a WordPress conditional logic plugin. 

In the next section, we will discuss how even a free WordPress form plugin with conditional logic can help you extensively. And why you should consider utilizing WordPress conditional forms. 

Why should you use WordPress conditional forms?

Why should you use WordPress conditional forms?

WordPress Conditional logic form is a powerful tool. It can help you enhance the user experience and the accuracy of the data collected. 

Here are some reasons why you should use conditional forms with logic:

  1. To simplify complex forms: a conditional logic form lets you show or hide fields based on the user’s replies to previous questions. This makes the form seem simple & easy and more manageable for users, which can enhance overall completion rates.
  1. To improve data accuracy: By using WordPress conditional forms, you can set what users only see and fill up the fields that are relevant to them. This can lower the chances of users providing incorrect/irrelevant information, which can enhance the accuracy of the data.
  1. To personalize the user experience: Conditional logic allows you to craft the form to the user’s responses, making the experience more personalized and interesting. This can boost user satisfaction and lead to higher form completion rates.
  1. To save time and effort: By only showing relevant fields in the forms, you can reduce the number of fields users need to complete, which can save them time and effort at the same time. This is also effective in reducing form abandonment rates.
  1. To customize effortlessly: Many WordPress conditional logic plugins offer a variety of customization options for conditional logic, allowing you to build your forms to your specific needs. You can pick which fields to show or hide based on user input, set up custom validation rules, and more.

Overall, using forms with logic can help you in creating a more efficient, user-friendly, and accurate data collection process.

WordPress conditional logic form examples

There are so many conditional forms use cases you may notice in your regular life. Here are some examples of how conditional logic can be used in forms:

  1. Contact form: A contact form can use conditional logic to show various fields based on the user’s input. For instance, if a user chooses”sales inquiry,” the form can show fields related to sales, like budget, product interest, purchase timeline, etc. However, if a user selects “support inquiry,” the form can show fields related to support, such as the issue description and ticket number.
  1. Job application form: A job application form can use conditional logic to show different fields based on the user’s credentials. For instance, if a user selects “entry-level,” the form can show fields related to education, skills, and internships. Yet, if a user selects “experienced,” the form can show fields linked to work experience, certifications, and references.
  1. Event registration form: An event registration form can use conditional logic to display different fields based on the user’s attendance. For example, if a user selects “attending in-person,” the form can show fields related to dietary limitations, hotel reservations, and transportation. However, if a user selects “attending virtually,” the form can show fields like login information, internet speed, and device compatibility.
  1. Survey form: A survey form with logic can show different questions based on the user’s responses. For example, if a user selects “yes” to a question, the form can show follow-up questions related to their response. However, if a user selects “no,” the form can skip those questions and move on to the next area.
  1. Insurance quote form: An insurance quote form with logic can show different fields based on the user’s responses to questions related to their current coverage. For example, if a user selects “yes” to have an existing policy, the form can show fields like policy number, insurance carrier, and coverage details. However, if a user selects “no,” the form can skip those fields and move on to the next area.
  1. Customer support reviews: A form can let customers leave a Google review and unhappy customers to a page where they can reach a customer service agent to fix the problem.
  1. Quiz forms: Lead customers down different paths based on their quiz answers utilizing conditional logic, creating a highly-personalized experience.

Want to learn more about the use cases? Read 7 Uses of Conditional Logic on WordPress Forms. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into our list of the top 5 WordPress conditional logic plugins you can use effortlessly. 

Top 5 free WordPress form plugins with conditional logic

Let’s explore some of the best conditional logic forms you can use absolutely for free:

wordpress conditional logic plugin

1. Fluent Forms – the allrounder

Fluent forms is a free form builder with conditional logic

On our list, Fluent Forms ranks top. Undoubtedly Fluent Forms is the most comprehensive WordPress conditional logic plugin we can ever recommend. 

For Fluent Forms to secure the top place, certainly, there are countless reasons to pick this free WordPress form plugin with conditional logic.

Fluent Forms comes with all the crucial features you need as well as a very user-friendly panel. 

Indeed, the Fluent Forms plugin is unlike any other plugin as it allows you to use its maximum features and fields in the free version

In the images below, you can literally see what makes this form builder great and why people love it. It includes all the functionality/fields you need to get your job done effortlessly. 

wordpress conditional logic plugin
wordpress conditional logic plugin, advanced fields, fluent forms
wordpress conditional forms
free conditional logic forms, fluent forms, payment fields

Whenever it comes to using free conditional logic forms, we found no better option than Fluent Forms. 

Let’s see how you can use Fluent Forms as your ultimate free-form builder with conditional logic:

  • Show/hide fields based on the previous response
  • Show a form field upon completion of another 
  • Show a field if it contains a value 
  • Show or hide a section depending on the conditions
  • Limit the number of fields shown based on user selection
  • Conditionally skip any page
  • Direct users to different pages after submission according to their inputs
  • Send email notifications based on a form response/answer.
free conditional logic forms

So, wondering how you would create your forms with logic. Not an issue! The Fluent Forms team got you covered with easy-going comprehensive instructions.

However, we know that no one’s going to use any plugin just for a single feature, but for multiple reasons (features). 

Considering this fact, here we include well-researched Pros & Cons to help you pick your desired WordPress conditional logic plugin. 

PROs & CONs of Fluent Forms

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Fluent Forms below: 

  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Versatile forms with logic
  • Numerous pre-built templets
  • Drag and drop, easy customization
  • A wide range of integrations is available
  • Effective anti-spam protection
  • Super Lightweight
  • Responsive design
  • Multi-language support
  • Proper documentation and smooth customer support.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Fluent Forms does have a lot of features and functionalities to explore, which may require a bit of a learning curve for some users.

Whether you’re an entry or pro-level user, this WordPress conditional form is highly recommended by industry experts. 

How to Set Conditional Logic in WordPress Forms | Fluent Forms

2. Forminator – Powerful

Top 5 Free WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic

Forminator, which ranks second on our list is another free WordPress Form plugin with Conditional Logic. Also, this WPMUDEV product offers a wide range of features like Interactive Quizzes & Polls, eSignature, Calculation, etc. 

Forminator is an ideal drag-and-drop form builder and offers a bunch of integrations. You can use this form without having any coding knowledge. So, in terms of using the WordPress conditional logic plugin, Forminator is a good solution indeed! 

forms with logic

Pros & Cons of Forminator

Now, let’s see some pros and cons of Forminator: 

  • Expertly pre-made templates
  • Accept E-signatures
  • Easy form calculations
  • Apply conditional logic
  • Interactive, dynamic poll settings
  • Create BuzzFeed-style quizzes
  • Support third-party apps
  • Not that beginner-friendly
  • Limited features in the free version
  • Design limitation

3. Tripetto– Interactive

Top 5 Free WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic

Here is our 3rd free conditional logic form. Tripetto distinguishes itself by stating its form is like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, etc. Fascinating! 

With lots of interactive graphics and useful functionalities, this free-form builder with conditional logic could be a good fit for you. 

Tripetto offers different types of branch conditions to add the desired logic to your forms. They offer conditions like Block conditions, Evaluate conditions, Regular expression conditions, and Device conditions.

And here’s the tricky part, we found that Tripetto comes with an extensive learning curve as the user interface is somewhat complex. 

So, users may need some time to get used to this form but still a good deal. 

free form builder with conditional logic

Pros & Cons of Tripetto

Here are the pros & cons of Tripetto: 

  • Magnetic storyboard
  • A different form of the face is available
  • Conversational logic
  • Multiple integrations 
  • Interactive interface
  • Good support system
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Complex UI design 
  • Need extensive learning

4. Bit Form– Positive

free conditional logic forms

Like other free form builders with conditional logic on our list, Bit Form is also a useful plugin that you can use. 

Bit Form is powerful enough to serve your purpose; you can create contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, quizzes, and many more. And it requires no coding skills at all. 

The conditional logic function in this form is very useful and easygoing. This form has the ability to get your job done effortlessly for sure.

Like any other forms with logic, Bit Forms also includes all the basic functions and integrations.

So, you don’t need to worry about its effectiveness, and certainly, it will manage to provide you with the desired output. 

free conditional logic forms

Pros & Cons of Bit Forms

Let’s see the Bit Form’s pros & cons at a glance: 

  • Nice user interface
  • Easy customization
  • Multiple integrations
  • Good security features
  • Good data management
  • Complex navigation
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Learning curve
  • Poor customer support

5. Smart Forms– Basic 

free WordPress form plugin with conditional logic

Last but not least, Here’s our 5th. With a very simple (too simple) interface and functionality, this could be your WordPress conditional forms plugin. 

We considered Smart Forms on our list because of its user-friendly interface and experience. Though not an excellent overall design like Fluent Forms or Tripetto, this is still a good choice. 

If you are a beginner and you don’t need advanced options, then you can use this WordPress conditional form easily.

wordpress conditional logic plugin

Pros & Cons of Smart Forms

Take a quick look at Smart Form’s pros & cons: 

  • Very simple interface
  • Basic integrations available
  • Multiple steps forms
  • Add-ons 
  • Good data management
  • Lack of polished design
  • Takes too long to Load
  • Limitations of advanced features


We started evaluating a number of Free WordPress Form Plugins with Conditional Logic to find the best conditional logic forms to use on our website, and that’s how this review was born. 

We reviewed the features of all the providers and we also tested all of them using their free options. We ended up with Fluent Forms since it offers all the features a business must have. 


free WordPress form plugin with conditional logic

We’ve done extensive research to find out the best conditional logic forms and here comes our ultimate verdict.

Certainly, all the free WordPress form plugins with conditional logic mentioned above have the power to get your job done.

So, naming a clear champion is tough. However, we’ve found an all-rounder in terms of usability, responsiveness, and functionality and which made it easy for us to declare Fluent Forms as the ultimate form builder plugin with conditional logic! And you already know WHY.

Ashik Elahi
Ashik Elahi

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