Free WordPress Themes for Artists: A Comprehensive Guide

Ashik Elahi ○ June 8, 2023 ○ 11 minutes
Free WordPress Themes for Artists

While everything goes premium, finding out free resources for creative business is tricky. On the verge of all premium, you can still utilize valuable free resources if you are a WordPress user.  

Because WordPress is a Goldmine of free resources that inspire creative professionals to kickstart their businesses. 

So, if you are a creative individual and in search of entirely free WordPress themes for artists then look no further! 

Whether you are a painter, visual artist, photographer, musician, or any other creative professional, this article will surely help you find out the best free WordPress themes for artists. 

First of all, let’s learn what makes a good theme from an artist’s point of view.

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What to consider in WordPress themes for artists?

free wordpress themes for artists: What to consider in WordPress themes for artists?

You can build a WordPress website using a theme from tons of themes to serve your artistic purpose. But while picking up a theme for the website, consider a few features that must be included in WordPress themes for artists. 

While you are specifically considering using free WordPress themes for artists, you shouldn’t miss out on a few factors. 

So, take a quick look at what your artistic WordPress theme should ideally include, even though it’s free.  

1. Search engine optimized 

Not only for artistic WordPress themes, but SEO is also something any theme should possess. SEO is a crucial element of any theme & website. 

Primarily, SEO is to make your website look great and help you with the search engines things at the same time.

So, what does an SEO-friendly theme mean? 

Simply, It means that a search engine-optimized theme should load fast, has a logical page structure, and support schema markup. Also, if it contains clean code and social media integration, that’s better! 

2. Responsive design

Certainly, responsive WordPress themes for artists are important. Responsive design has extensive SEO advantages. 

However, the usability benefits make this element even more crucial. 

These days, people are using different types of devices/screens to surf the web. So your website needs to be responsive to act accordingly. 

An artistic WordPress theme with responsive design delivers the same quality of user experience regardless of any screen size. 

3. Portfolio functionality

The main goal of creating an artistic website is to showcase your creative works. There’s no better way to display your creatives than with a portfolio. 

With a theme that comes with a portfolio, you can keep it simple with just a grid layout or go advanced with transitions, different effects, and other tricks. 

Your portfolio should be easy to navigate and should display your creatives in high quality.

4. Easy customization

An ideal WordPress theme for artists should be super flexible and customizable. It must comply with changing needs and an ever-expanding portfolio. 

So, if the WordPress theme for artists offers flexibility, then yes it’s worth using. Moreover, being able to customize the theme is also indispensable. 

Though we’ve listed some of the best free WordPress themes for artists that are ready to use, still you might love to personalize your theme a bit.

5. Design and layout

A great theme comes with a simple design, and to the point. It instantly conveys what the website is all about and delivers the content the user is searching for right away. 

There are some differences in showcasing creatives. Some designs use sliders to show the images, others use full-screen image headers or gallery features.

However, as long as the design is capable of telling your story in an engaging way and showcasing your work, it’s all great. 

Hopefully, you got a clear idea of what makes the best free WordPress themes for artists. Right? 

Now here comes our top picks.

10 Absolutely Free WordPress Themes for Artists

Before you go through the free WP themes for artists list, learn that the items we picked here are completely free (not even freemium). So you are good to go right away! 

1. Koji

Absolutely Free WordPress Themes for Artists: Koji

If you are looking for a perfect artistic WordPress theme that offers different interface options, contact types, and color choices then Koji got you covered. 

Koji has the perfect mix of different useful options to help you create your website as you want. 

Also, Koji is known as an ideal responsive WordPress theme for artists. Its simple style, little coding space, and fast loading speed make it a great choice. 

Koji comes with smooth typography, slick animations, and a masonry layout that gives users a friendly browsing experience.

Key Features

  • Responsive & flexible
  • Masonry-style layouts
  • Post meta settings
  • Gutenberg supported
  • Infinite scrolling
  • SEO friendly

You can check out a demo website using the Koji theme.

2. Photozoom

Free WordPress Themes for Artists: Photozoom

If you are looking for free WordPress themes for visual artists then Photozoom is capable of serving your purpose. 

Moreover, the Photozoom theme allows you to show Three of your main pages on the homepage, like your professional services. 

So if you love an elegant and minimal-looking theme, then this is one of the finest free WordPress themes for artists. 

Key Features

  • 2 built-in colors: Light and Dark.
  • Posts are displayed in a 3-columns layout.
  • The website’s header can be centered/split
  • Responsive design
  • SEO friendly.

Check the Demo here.

3. Pure

best free wordpress themes for artists: Pure

Want an elegant flat canvas free of any distracting components? Then Pure WordPress theme could be your perfect choice. 

Pure effectively highlights our key concern of assisting you in displaying an amazing web presence. 

Pure created this READY approach with the goal of producing outstanding portfolios or blog designs.

Moreover, this particular theme’s simplicity demonstrates how a new and technical site should be presented. Overall the design is the ideal definition of a transparent style and glossy look. 

Key Features

  • Responsive
  • Retina ready
  • Stylish typography
  • Grid layout
  • Customizable
  • SEO friendly

Check out Pure’s Demo here.

4. FabMasonry

best free wordpress themes for artists: Fabmasonry

You can consider using FabMasonry to take advantage of the new WordPress editor. This theme comes with a modern design and style. 

This theme enables you to use the most recent block editor that can help you create grid models for your website without any additional hassle. 

With different grid styles, including classic masonry, you can post your images online and display them on your WordPress website effortlessly.

So, if you looking for ready-to-go themes then this is one of the best free WordPress themes for artists. 


  • Customizable layout style
  • Logo customization
  • Photo-friendly
  • A wide range of grid layout
  • Flexible
  • SEO friendly

Check out the live Demo here.

5. Miyazaki

wordpress artist themes: Miyazaki

Miyazaki is a contrast-heavy artistic WordPress theme. You would love this theme’s vibrant ambiance to showcase your works. 

Miyazaki is an ideal free WordPress theme for artists. It comes with lots of variations for blogs, portfolios, and magazines. 

As this is mainly a portfolio theme, this would be an excellent fit for you to craft your website and show off your works aesthetically. 

However, as this theme can be used to make a blog or magazine website, Miyazaki should fit well with any sort of content you wish to publish. 


  • Masonry grid on archive pages
  • Stunning design
  • Block Editor
  • Gutenberg support
  • Infinite scroll loading
  • Ready widget 
  • Custom logo
  • Search overlay

Check out the Demo here.

6. Hamilton

wordpress artist themes: Hamilton

Simple, sleek design with a navigation bar, Hamilton is very popular among creatives!

If you spend a few minutes with this theme, you will surely love its wide range of functionalities. With little to no effort you can do a lot with Hamilton. 

Notably, the sidebar is really functional and the color scheme makes the content stand out. 

So, whenever it comes to showing off your images or artwork, Hamilton does the part expertly. 


  • Monochromic palette
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable & flexible
  • Speed optimized
  • SEO friendly

Check Hamilton’s Demo here.

7. Gridzone

wordpress artist themes: Gridzone

A theme with a clean and simple look to highlight the finest work. Because Gridzone supports blocks and is highly flexible. 

Gridzone comes with a distinct appearance, sophisticated functionality, and a surely easy-to-use theme. 

With this theme, you can make your website look sweet and traditional at the same time. 


  • SEO optimized
  • Elevated resolution
  • Responsive
  • Different layout options
  • Flexible
  • Sophisticated typography

Check the live Demo here.

8. Tetris

free wordpress themes for visual artists: Tetris

Want to create a simple and professional-looking personal portfolio? You can consider using Tetris as your artistic WordPress theme. 

This theme is lightweight and perfect for those who want to kickstart their website. It includes the essentials for presenting your creative works, making it a quick and simple theme. 

So, if you don’t want to waste your time on complex themes then this is one of the best free WordPress themes for artists. 


  • A super simple theme
  • Easy Blogging
  • Simple Shortcode Plugin supported
  • Automated updates
  • Coded to WP standards
  • SEO friendly

Check out the demo here.

9. Masonic

free wordpress themes for artists: Masonic

With typographic excellence, Masonic is designed for artists and creatives. It will help you tell your stories with stunning design and careful picture positioning. 

It also comes with eye-pleasing galleries right inside the blog post and websites with ease. 

Masonic features a breathtaking header with a space for a call to action (CTA). It also offers a well-designed web page layout to share more details about resources. 


  • Could be used as a blog or Portfolio
  • Tiled image layout
  • Fast page loading
  • SEO friendly

Here is a demo website using Masonic.  

10. Bands

free wordpress themes for artists: Band

Bands are the most popular among musicians. It uses Jetpack’s portfolio custom post to produce an amazing portfolio and gallery designs.

You can use the Bands portfolio header section that supports static images and videos to draw more traffic to the site. 

Bands offer 3 separate portfolio blog formats with a range of Google fonts for blogs.

Ultimately, Bands is completely translation-ready and works with all major internet browsers. So, if you’re looking for free WordPress themes for musicians, then this theme can be your best fit.


  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimized
  • Customizable
  • Schema-ready
  • Woocommerce ready, etc. 

Check out the demo of Bands here.

That’s all. End of the list!

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  • SMS notification, and obviously
  • Excellent customer support

Final thoughts

We hope you already found what could be the best free WordPress themes for artists. In this article, we carefully evaluated and picked the themes that are entirely free not even Freemium. 

Though these are free, don’t think that these themes are somewhat inefficient for your work.  Certainly, these themes are widely popular among artists and capable of serving your purpose seamlessly.

You can pick any of the listed themes above and kickstart your venture. 

Ashik Elahi
Ashik Elahi

Ashik Elahi is a seasoned Digital Marketer with a passion for Content Marketing. He believes in the power of storytelling and crafting valuable content that resonates with readers.

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