Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Email Marketing 2023

Prema Anjum ○ November 4, 2021 ○ 7 minutes
Benefits of email marketing

The first marketing email was introduced in 1978. After that, its popularity has only seen an upward trend. No matter if you are a small business owner or large retailer, you need to make sure that the digital marketing methods you are following are cost-effective and drive results. 

So, what’s the solution?

Email marketing.

As a matter of fact, in the last few years, email marketing strategies have grown more in-depth. Still, it is one of the best online marketing tactics brands can use to reach and engage their target audience. There are 4.6 billion email users worldwide, and 51% of people mention that they prefer brands to contact them via email. Companies are no longer prioritizing promotions and discounts only. They are now more focused on what matters to their audience. 

Below, we will cover the ten benefits of email marketing and explain how they can help your business boost conversion and improve lead generation and revenue.

Benefits of email marketing you should know

Statistica forecasted that in 2023, there would be 4.3 billion people who will use email. You have probably heard that your email list is your business’s lifeblood. But do you know how? Well, email is the direct line of communication with your potential and engaged customers. There are no devastating Google updates, no disturbing social media functions- it’s just you sharing your products, offers, and stories with subscribers who want to connect with you. Let’s see some fantastic benefits of email marketing.

Easy to start

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Email marketing is easy to start

Email marketing doesn’t need a huge team of technical brains to be successful. It is possible to start an email campaign with fancy images, videos, logos, and templates. There are many tools to use for email automation, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Moosend, FluentCRM, and many more. They allow you to create unique campaigns quickly and easily. But some experts suggested utilizing simple plain text emails, emphasizing that the content of an email is the most crucial factor.

Create customized content

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Email marketing creates customized content

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that lets you educate specific groups of people about your product, email marketing has you covered. Mainly, email list segmentation permits you to filter your email list based on several factors. After that, you can also send out customized messages to each segment of your list. Segmentation is helpful, for example, to reach potential customers in a particular geographical area, or people who have shown interest in a particular product or service from your company. As a result, you can get the most potential leads for your business.

Instant result

Another one of the key benefits of email marketing is that your business can see the return on investment soon. When it is about ROI for email marketing, it is common for all businesses to see a return of about $38 for each dollar spent on a marketing campaign. Almost 22% of emails are opened within the first hour after sending them. Over half of them are already seen by people within six hours. 

Whether you use email marketing for a special promotion or to introduce a new product or service, your emails can drive sales for your business and boost revenue for your company significantly.

Easy to share

Email marketing, wordpress
Email marketing is easy to share

Your current subscribers can forward deals and offers to their friends with just a single click of a button from email campaigns. There is no other easy way of marketing that can be shared as quickly as this. Besides, your customers can become your brand evangelists and introduce your business to a new market. Brands utilizing this tactic and social proof are becoming a massive influence for online selling in recent times.

Easy to measure

benefits of email marketing 2021, wordpress, fluent forms
Email marketing is easy to measure

One more of the essential benefits of email marketing is that it is easy to measure. Tools like MailerLite, MailChimp, Moosend, ActiveCampaign, Platformly, CleverReach can do that easily for you. With these plugins, you can quickly check email’s click-through rate, bounce rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, growth rate, and share rate. As a consequence of these tasks, you can take the necessary steps to run your campaigns in a better way.

Build strong customer relationship

It’s impossible to reach out to all the customers by phone or in person. Email marketing campaigns can bridge that gap because it will take most of the productive time from you. Your clients appreciate an excellent email. The more time and effort you will give to draft an email, the higher the chance of crafting the ideal experience for your audience. People want to know what’s happening in your business and how they can get involved. 

Through this process of knowing each other, you build a strong customer relationship within your organization.

Low cost

One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is, it lowers your cost compared to other mainstream marketing sectors. There are no postage costs or print, no fees for certain billboards, no magazine or channel advertisement is needed. Marketers only might have to invest in some specialized software to automate, evaluate, and track their emails. Though there is a small overhead for sending thousands of emails simultaneously, these costs are far lower than other marketing procedures. This is a good initiative for small businesses, and established organizations can also minimize their cost.

Nurture leads

benefits of email marketing, advantage sand disadvantages of email marketing
Email marketing nurture leads

When people fill out a form on your website, you can use automation to send them emails to walk them through the buying funnel. With the right email marketing tool, you can balance your campaigns depending on someone’s interaction with your website. Using customized content for every segment of the customer journey will help you target people searching for a business or products like yours. 

Create brand awareness

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Email marketing helps to create brand awareness

When you regularly communicate with your audience, they will become more aware of your brand. Since you will always be in your subscriber’s inbox, they will become familiar with your products, services, and company. When you share information about your company, you can also build trust with potential customers.

Get better SEO result

One of the significant benefits of email marketing is that it is really easy to enhance your SEO efforts. As email effectively drives qualified traffic to your website, more traffic equals improved SEO. Though email marketing has no direct effect on search engine algorithms, it can help you to drive back-link growth to your domain. And this is an important SEO ranking factor.

Besides, high-quality email contents are compatible with your on-site content, bringing better keyword density, higher CTR/CR, and high-value EAT content over multiple channels. All in all, you will get natural link growth with brand visibility for better SEO results.

The bottom line

These are just some of the innumerous benefits of email marketing for all sizes of businesses. You can reap all these benefits without having any extensive email marketing knowledge or experience. 

The key is to find the right email marketing platform to make the process easier and smooth. With these, you can spend more time growing and managing the other sides of your business, knowing that your email marketing is looked after. If you have any questions regarding this article, be comfortable asking. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to get more useful information like this.

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