WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four Theme Review

Ashik Elahi ○ January 6, 2024 ○ 13 minutes
WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four Theme Review 2024 theme

You already know that it has been a common tradition for WordPress to name its default themes based on the year of its release.

Similarly, WordPress has launched the Twenty Twenty-Four theme for this year to amplify your online presence.

With lots of hype and possibilities, this default WordPress block theme brings a range of features, styles, and unlimited flexibility

Today, we will discuss everything about this newly released theme in detail, so you can better decide if it fits your needs.

In case you aren’t clear about block themes, here we’re going to start with the definition.

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Twenty Twenty-Four theme's wordpress.org page

What is a block theme in WordPress

WordPress block themes are the latest way to construct and personalize your website using blocks. They are a key component of the Full Site Editing (FSE) function, which is a trendy tool in newer WordPress versions.

Basically, a block theme is a WordPress theme that utilizes blocks to manage each design component, such as headers, footers, sidebars, and content areas. 

So your entire site, from top to bottom, is made up of blocks that you can quickly edit and customize.

And, as you already understand, Twenty Twenty-Four is a default block theme for WordPress. 

WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four theme: A quick overview

WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four theme: A quick overview

The Twenty Twenty-Four Theme is the default block theme in WordPress 6.4 released by WordPress.org on November 7, 2023. It is designed to be effortless to use and adapt to different needs.

This theme is unique in that it has numerous layouts and designs. So, whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, a photographer, or an artist, the Twenty Twenty-Four Theme provides you with all the tools you need to make your work stand out. 

It is compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor, which allows you to create content using blocks. It also has a Site Editor, giving you more control over your website’s appearance.

With the Twenty Twenty-Four Theme, you can customize elements like colors, fonts, patterns, and styles regardless of what your website is about. 

This means that your website can precisely reflect your purpose. You can also easily fine-tune different aspects of your pages with the Site Editor, making constructing and enhancing your site fun and efficient.

Overview of Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Now, let’s discuss the functionalities of this WordPress block theme Twenty Twenty-Four below. 

10 Key features of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme

The Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme is packed with lots of features, making it a strong choice for modern website design.

Here’s a detailed look at the standout features that make this theme a notable choice.

1. Global style variations

Twenty Twenty-Four brings lots of options to make your website look just how you want.

It has seven different style variations that you can pick from, letting you switch between various design looks whenever you want. 

Let’s take a quick look at them–

a. Default 

WordPress 2024 theme default variation

Twenty Twenty-Four’s default style has a light color palette. It’s not quite white, but it’s near, with dark gray accents for a basic and elegant look. 

 twenty twenty four color palette

It employs two fonts: Cardo for headings and Inter for body text. You can also design your site with ten colors, twelve gradients, and five duotones.

wordpress block theme twenty twenty four color palette

b. Ember

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: ember

The Ember style gives the default theme a vibrant and energetic look. 

It adds a lively orange tint to images, changes the fonts to Jost and Instrument Sans (both without serifs), and uses calming background colors to balance out the lively splashes of color.

c. Fossil 

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: fossil

Fossil flips the original typography by using a serif font for body text and a sans-serif typeface for headings. 

In terms of colors, it goes for earthy tones (giving you five options) and incorporates rounded buttons for a more natural appearance. It seems like a fantastic choice for a website related to wellness.

d. Ice

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: ice

This style variation closely follows the default theme design and keeps the same color palette. However, it features a system font for headings and the Inter font for body text. 

This combination results in a clean and sharp look that stays true to the theme’s original style, offering a variety of color and gradient options.

e. Maelstrom

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: Maelstrom

Maelstrom brings a revolution to the default style with multiple improvements. 

With a blue and white color scheme, it shares a typography approach with the Fossil variation, except it uses Jost for body copy. 

The outcome is a design that appears sophisticated yet modern.

f. Mint

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: mint

The Mint brings a refreshing touch by playing with the color palette and fonts. 

It features Instrument Sans for headings and Jost for the body copy, giving it a unique and modern look that stands out from other variations.

g. Onyx

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: onxy

Onyx, the dark version of the default style, brings in an elegant color palette along with gradient and duotone combinations. 

It’s designed for users who want a polished and sophisticated online presence, featuring a classy color scheme and visually captivating elements.

h. Rust

Variation of wordpress twenty twenty four theme: Rust

Lastly, the Rust style variation introduces a sandy color scheme with just three hues while maintaining the original design. 

It’s an excellent choice for adding livelier colors while still keeping the default nature of the Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme.

Here’s our second feature.

2. Custom templates

WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four theme offers a range of custom page templates. These include–

  • Single Posts 
  • Page With Sidebar 
  • Search Results 
  • Pages
  • Page With Sidebar 
  • Page With Wide Image 
  • Page No Title 
  • Index 
  • Home 
  • Archive 
  • Page: 404 

These templates let you create pages with unique layouts, such as pages without titles, pages with content displayed alongside a sidebar, and pages featuring wide images with titles and content on both sides.

3. Template parts

Template parts

The theme includes various template parts for the header and footer sections of your website. 

These template parts provide flexibility and enable you to experiment with different variations for replacing specific template elements.

4. Block patterns

Block patterns wordpress 2024 theme

Block Patterns are pre-designed blocks with replaceable text and media content. They save you time during layout creation and enhance your content creation process. 

Block Patterns can be utilized for quick creation of elements like FAQs, call-to-action sections, and more, streamlining your website development.

5. Full-site editing support

Twenty Twenty-Four fully supports powerful features for editing your entire site. These include:

  • Site Editor: An editor that lets you edit all parts of your site, move between templates, and more.
  • Styles: A feature that allows extensive customization of your site, including individual blocks, with different colors, typography, layouts, and more.
  • Templates: Edit, create, and manage templates used by pages, posts, and other content.
  • Template parts: A way to organize and display groups of blocks for site structure, such as Headers and Footers.
  • Theme blocks: Includes blocks like Navigation block, Query Loop block, and others.

Similar to its previous version Twenty Twenty-Three, this theme is designed to utilize WordPress site-editing features instead of the Customizer.

6. Font and styles

Font and styles

The Twenty Twenty-Four theme follows modern and minimalist design trends. 

It uses–

  • Cardo Font for headlines 
  • and a Sans-serif System font for paragraphs by default. 

Additionally, it offers alternative fonts like 

  • Instrument Sans, 
  • Inter, and 
  • Jost. 

This theme provides a light color palette by default for a fresh appearance, with multiple alternative color palettes, including a dark theme. 

You can utilize the Styles tools in the Site Editor to customize the color, typography, and overall design of your website.

7. Block variations

The theme introduces block variations for several core blocks, allowing you to achieve slight differences in their appearance. 

These variations are available for blocks such as:

a. Heading block

Heading block

b. List block

List block

c. Details block

Details block

d. Navigation links

Navigation links

e. Category and Tag List block

Category and Tag List block

8. Alternative patterns

Twenty Twenty-Four offers a variety of alternative patterns designed specifically for writer and portfolio user types. 

These patterns are available for–

  • Blog Home
  • Index
  • Archive
  • and Search templates. 

With these patterns, you can enhance the theme’s adaptability and versatility.

9. Compatibility

The WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four theme seamlessly integrates with the Site Editor and the Gutenberg Block Editor. 

This compatibility ensures that you can utilize the full potential of these editors when crafting your website’s content, providing you with lots of tools for website customization.

10. Responsiveness

The theme is well-developed with responsiveness in mind. It guarantees that your website will be easily navigable on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 

This ensures a smooth user experience for your visitors, regardless of the device they use to access your site.

The Twenty Twenty-Four theme brings together flexibility, adaptability, modern design trends, and user-friendliness. Packed with features and customization options, it gives you the power to create visually stunning and functional websites that match your unique needs and preferences.

So, is this the best block theme for you? Let’s find out who can benefit from this theme the most. 

Who can benefit from the Twenty Twenty-Four theme

Designed with versatility, this theme is well-suited for a wide range of website categories, with a particular focus on three main user groups.

1. Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Twenty Twenty-Four theme offers a range of functionalities. 

Its user-friendly interface and tons of pre-designed templates make it an excellent choice for those looking to establish an online presence for their businesses. This theme provides a solid solution for showcasing products and services, making it easier for potential customers to connect with your brand.

2. Photographers and Artists

Creative minds may find the Twenty-Four theme to be a canvas for their creativity. This theme places a strong emphasis on visual appeal and aesthetics, making it an ideal WordPress theme for artists

The theme’s design elements and image-focused layout options cater to the needs of photographers and artists and allow showcasing your work in a stunning and visually engaging way.

3. Writers and Bloggers

If you’re a writer or a blogger seeking a simple and easily customizable theme for your online presence, the Twenty Twenty-Four theme can be your best fit. 

Its adaptability and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for you to share your thoughts, stories, or expertise through blogging. 

This theme’s simplicity ensures that your words take center stage, while its customization options let you create a blog that’s uniquely yours.

Found yourself on the list? Great!

Now let’s talk about the requirements you need to use this awesome theme.

Requirements for Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress Theme

There are some specific prerequisites you need to ensure to start using this theme. Ensure that your website complies with the requirements described below:

Requirements for Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress Theme

WordPress Version 6.4 or Higher

To use the Twenty Twenty-Four theme effectively, your WordPress website must be running on version 6.4 or a more recent release. 

It’s critical to keep your WordPress version up to date to access the latest theme features and improvements.

PHP Version 7.0 or Above

The compatibility of your web server’s PHP version is equally crucial. The Twenty Twenty-Four theme requires PHP version 7.0 or higher to function optimally. 

Ensuring your server runs a compatible PHP version is a fundamental step in utilizing this theme.

Gutenberg Plugin Installed

To maximize the potential of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, you must have the Gutenberg plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website. 

Gutenberg is crucial for accessing the Site Editor and utilizing default blocks effectively. This plugin amplified the content creation experience, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in designing your web pages.

Meeting these requirements is crucial for a seamless and productive experience with the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. 

So, you are all equipped to start using this theme. Now let’s learn how you can install the theme effortlessly. 

How to install Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme 

How to install Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme 

Installing this WordPress block Twenty Twenty-Four theme on your WordPress website is a straightforward process. 

Follow 4 simple steps to get the theme up and running:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “Appearance” section on the left-hand menu and select “Themes.” 

This will take you to the Themes page.

Step 2: Add a new theme

On the Themes page, you’ll find an option labeled “Add New Theme.” 

Click on this button to initiate the process of adding a new theme to your WordPress website.

Step 3: Search for the Twenty Twenty-Four theme

In the “Search themes” field located in the top-right corner of the page, type “Twenty Twenty-Four” and hit “Enter” or click the search icon. 

This will initiate a search for the Twenty Twenty-Four theme within the WordPress theme repository.

Step 4: Install and activate the theme

Once the Twenty Twenty-Four theme appears in the search results, you’ll see an “Install” button below its thumbnail image. 

Click on “Install” to begin the installation process. WordPress will automatically download and install the theme for you.

After the theme installation is complete, the “Install” button will change to an “Activate” button. 

Click on “Activate” to make the Twenty Twenty-Four theme the active theme for your WordPress website.

That’s all! You’ve successfully installed and activated the Twenty Twenty-Four theme on your WordPress website. 

In this part, we are going to take a quick look at the theme’s pros and cons. 

Pros and cons of Twenty Twenty Four theme

The Twenty Twenty-Four theme has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s break them down in simpler terms:

Pros of Twenty Twenty-Four 

Pros of Twenty Twenty-Four 

Here are some advantages of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme:

  • This theme offers many ways to customize your website, but it might be a bit confusing if you’re new to WordPress.
  • You can change almost everything about your site, but with so many choices, it might take some time to figure out what works best.
  • It has a ton of features, but all these cool things could slow down your website if you don’t optimize it well.
  • It can work for different types of websites, but if you have a very specific type of website, you might need a more specialized theme.

Cons of Twenty Twenty-Four 

Cons of Twenty Twenty-Four 

Here are some disadvantages of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme:

  • If you’re new to WordPress, all the customization options might feel overwhelming.
  • With so many choices, it can be tough to decide how you want your site to look and function.
  • Using all the fancy features might make your site slower unless you know how to make it fast.
  • While it’s versatile, it might not be perfect for websites with very unique needs or branding.

Wrapping up

The WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four Theme is a versatile powerhouse for crafting modern and visually appealing websites. 

From entrepreneurs and small businesses to photographers, artists, and writers, this theme effectively fulfills diverse needs.

With its efficient features, customizable styles, and compatibility with site editing tools, Twenty Twenty-Four provides extensive flexibility and adaptability. 

Therefore, consider your specific needs and preferences to determine if this theme aligns with your vision, and start creating a website that stands out.

Ashik Elahi
Ashik Elahi

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