Create a Personality Quiz in WordPress [6 Easy Steps] 

Personality Quiz

Shaugat Ashraf
Shaugat Ashraf

An Econ major turned into a Digital Marketer by choice. Hello! This is Ashraf and I am here to enlighten you on various WordPress topics and help you make informed decisions.

5 responses to “Create a Personality Quiz in WordPress [6 Easy Steps] ”

  1. Maz Avatar

    Hi, I’m trying to make a personality quiz, but the “advanced scoring” field doesn’t appear when I enable the questions – why?

    1. rednishat Avatar

      You should check our new personality quiz feature on Fluent Forms Pro.

      This might solve your problem.

  2. Parm Avatar

    Hi, is possible to make the results section (score) longer? I would love to provide an in-depth analysis for my quiz-takers.

    1. Shaugat Ashraf Avatar
      Shaugat Ashraf

      You can do this while assigning longer grade levels. Alternatively, you can use Conditional Confirmation to do so.

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