Create Unique Fields in Fluent Forms

Turn phone number, email, or any other simple text input as a unique field. Use the input key instead of {input_key} for your input type. See the list of input keys in this link. Also, make sure the name attribute & form ID matches correctly.

For example for phone field use this hook : fluentform_validate_input_item_phone

add_filter('fluentform_validate_input_item_{input_key}', function ($errorMessage, $field, $formData, $fields, $form) {
	$fieldName       = 'phone';
	$target_form_id  = 13;

	if($target_form_id !=  $form->id){ return $errorMessage; }
	if ($inputValue = \FluentForm\Framework\Helpers\ArrayHelper::get($formData, $fieldName)) {
		$exist = wpFluent()->table('fluentform_entry_details')
			->where('form_id', $form->id)
			->where('field_name', $fieldName)
			->where('field_value', $inputValue)
		if ($exist) {
			 $errorMessage = "Error ! This field needs to be unique.";
			 return [$errorMessage];
    return $errorMessage;

}, 10, 5);

Use this code in theme function.php file or any PHP code snippet plugin.

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