Database Tables of Fluent Forms

fluentform_forms #

Contains the forms that exist within Fluent Forms.


idint(10) unsigned Auto Increment ID of the form
titlevarchar(255) Form Title
statusvarchar(45) NULL [Draft] Form Status
appearance_settingstext NULLAppearance Settings as JSON 
form_fieldslongtext NULL All the form Fields as JSON format
has_paymenttinyint(1) [0] if payment fields available or not
typevarchar(45) NULL Form Type as Text
conditionstext NULL internal usage (currently, not used by any module)
created_byint(11) NULL User ID of the form creator
created_attimestamp NULL Create Date
updated_attimestamp NULL Update Date

fluentform_form_meta #

Contains metadata associated with forms.

idint(10) unsigned Auto Increment Meta ID
form_idint(10) unsigned NULLForm ID 
meta_keyvarchar(255)Meta Key 
valuelongtext NULL meta value

fluentform_submissions #

Contains Fluent Forms submission entries.

idbigint(20) unsigned Auto Increment Entry ID
form_idint(10) unsigned NULL Associate Form ID
serial_numberint(10) unsigned NULL Incremental Serial Number for this form
responselongtext NULL The full response as JSON format
source_urlvarchar(255) NULL Original Source URL of the page/post
user_idint(10) unsigned NULL Logged in user id
statusvarchar(45) NULL [unread]Status: read, unread, trashed, any custom entry status
is_favouritetinyint(1) [0] 1 if the entry marked as favorite
browservarchar(45) NULL User Browser’s name
devicevarchar(45) NULL Device such as Apple, Microsoft, ipad, android etc
ipvarchar(45) NULLIP address of the submitter 
cityvarchar(45) NULL Geolocation Data from IP address (For Future usage)
countryvarchar(45) NULL  Geolocation Data from IP address (For Future usage)
payment_statusvarchar(45) NULL Payment status for payment type forms
payment_methodvarchar(45) NULL Payment Method for payment type forms 
payment_typevarchar(45) NULL  Payment Type for payment type forms
currencyvarchar(45) NULL  Payment Currency for payment type forms
total_paidfloat NULL  Payment total for payment type forms
created_attimestamp NULLCreated at Timestamp 
updated_attimestamp NULL Updated at Timestamp 

fluentform_submission_meta #

Contains additional metadata related to entries. Mainly Submission notes stored here.

idbigint(20) unsigned Auto Increment Meta ID
response_idbigint(20) unsigned NULL Entry ID. ref: fluentform_submissions table
form_idint(10) unsigned NULL  Form ID. ref: fluentform_forms table
meta_keyvarchar(45) NULLMeta Key 
valuelongtext NULL Meta Value
statusvarchar(45) NULL meta status
user_idint(10) unsigned NULL current user ID
namevarchar(45) NULL Title/name of the note provider
created_attimestamp NULL Created at Timestamp 
updated_attimestamp NULL Updated at Timestamp  

fluentform_entry_details #

Contains key value pair of each entry for analyze and generating reports from the submitted entries.

idbigint(20) unsigned Auto Increment 
form_idbigint(20) unsigned NULL Form ID. ref: fluentform_forms table 
submission_idbigint(20) unsigned NULL  Entry ID. ref: fluentform_submissions table
field_namevarchar(255) NULL Name of the field (input name)
sub_field_namevarchar(255) NULL If has any sub field of the main field then that field name here
field_valuelongtext NULL Value of the entry field

fluentform_logs #

Contains in details logs of Form/Entry. Any module can store details logs here. Currently, Each entry and it’s 3rd party integrations keeps logs for failed or success

idint(10) unsigned Auto Increment Log ID
parent_source_idint(10) unsigned NULL Parent Model ID. It can be form ID
source_typevarchar(255) NULL Categorize field for the log. For entries it’s “submission_item”
source_idint(10) unsigned NULL Original Source id. For entry log, it’s the submission_id
componentvarchar(255) NULL Name of module that is adding this log
statuschar(30) NULLLog status. eg: success/failed/info/error
titlevarchar(255) Title of the log
descriptionlongtext NULL In details description of the log
created_attimestamp NULL Create at datetime.

fluentform_form_analytics #

Contains in detailed form analytics data

idint(10) unsigned Auto Increment 
form_idint(10) unsigned NULL Form ID. ref: fluentform_forms table  
user_idint(10) unsigned NULL Current Logged in user ID
source_urlvarchar(255) Source URL of the embedded form
platformchar(30) NULL User Device Platform
browserchar(30) NULLBrowser name
cityvarchar(100) NULL GeoLocation Data – Not used by any module
countryvarchar(100) NULL  GeoLocation Data – Not used by any module
ipchar(15) NULL IP address of the user
countint(11) NULL [1] How many times the form has been viewed
created_attimestamp NULLCreated at datetime

fluentform_transactions #

For Payment Type forms. Currently It’s not used by any module.

idint(10) unsigned Auto IncrementTransaction ID 
form_idint(10) unsigned NULL Associate Form ID
response_idbigint(20) unsigned NULLAssociate Entry ID 
currencyvarchar(45) NULL Currently
charge_idvarchar(45) NULL Charge/3rd Party Transaction ID
card_typevarchar(45) NULL Card Type if Card Payments
amountvarchar(45) NULL Amounts in cent
payment_methodvarchar(45) NULL Payment Method
payment_statusvarchar(45) NULL  Payment Status
payment_typevarchar(45) NULL  Payment Type
payer_emailvarchar(255) NULL  Payer Email
user_idint(10) unsigned NULLUser ID 
created_attimestamp NULL 
updated_attimestamp NULL 

fluentform_transactions: This table structure may change. We are recommending not to use this table for now.

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