Add reCAPTCHA to Protect Your Forms

Spamming is a scary thing for all website owners. If you use a form to collect data, then you may fear more as forms serve a smoother way for spammers. Wait, it’s nothing to worry about if you know what to do precisely.

One of the great ways to protect your forms is by using reCAPTCHA. Before using that, you should know that spammers don’t spread their malicious links manually. They build a bot, and it runs automatically.

When reCAPTCHA asks you to solve a puzzle, it needs a human brain. That’s where a bot fails. It’s just a button where you declare yourself as a human being. And, sometimes, it may ask you to click on some pictures.

These things are easy for you but not for computer-generated bots. So use reCAPTCHA and enjoy spamming-free forms.

WPFluentForms has reCAPTCHA by default.

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