How to Connect CleverReach in WordPress

CleverReach in WordPress

When people say, “Money is on the list” What does it mean?

Currently, email is one of the most successful marketing platforms. Though social media also took a large portion of people’s attention, email marketing is the most beneficial way for any business. It depends on the marketing efforts, email quality, and proportion of your email list. So how can you build one?

First of all, you will need to find a perfect integration to grow your email list and do the marketing campaigns. In that case, we suggest you try CleverReach in WordPress. Today, we will discuss how to use the CleverReach platform with Fluent Forms. First, let’s see why CleverReach is a better option.

Why should you use CleverReach in WordPress?

The tool helps to seamlessly create professional newsletters in your WordPress backend. You can get subscribers in compliance with the data protection regulations of the CleverReach tool. Let’s find out what else the plugin can do.

  • You can make your email newsletters with the drag and drop editor.
  • Using this tool, you can integrate your signup form in the Gutenberg editor, Classic editor through shortcode or widget.
  • Contacts can be synchronized through the double opt-in option of CleverReach WordPress.
  • You can also transfer your WordPress content with the tool.
  • A flexible pricing plan is available for the convenience of users.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in to the process of connecting CleverReach with WordPress.

Use CleverReach WordPress with Fluent Forms

In this article, we are using Fluent Forms to link up CleverReach. Why? Because it is now one of the fastest and the most lightweight tools in the WordPress community. Its drag and drop facility wins the hearts of people with its super-fast and smooth functionality. Besides, it comes with 65+ pre-built templates, 45+ input fields, and 35+ third-party integrations for the users. CleverReach WordPress is one of them on the list. 

Some unique features of the plugin are the signature add-on, custom CSS, advanced form, reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, radio button, conversational forms, PDF download permission, advanced permission management, and so on. Now we are going to add the tool for a better email marketing campaign. First, let’s get an idea about the steps:

  1. Activate the CleverReach module
  2. Copy your CleverReach client ID & Client secret
  3. Select a form to connect CleverReach
  4. Create CleverReach feed

Step-1: Activate the CleverReach module

At first, go to the Integration Modules section of the Fluent Forms pro dashboard, and turn on the CleverReach integration.

Step-2: Copy your CleverReach client ID & client secret key

Hover to the Fluent Forms pro again, and move to the Global Settings section. Here, select the CleverReach option from the left sidebar. Now you will be asked to give the CleverReach client ID and CleverReach client secret key.

To do that, log in or create an account on the CleverReach dashboard. There click on the profile account, and select My Account from the list.

From there, go to the Extras option, and select REST API from the opened dropdown section. 

Now press on the Create an OAuth App now button.

Then give a name to your new oAuth App, select REST API Version 3, choose the form scope, keep the Redirect URL as ‘*’, and click on the Create now button.

After that, you will get a Client ID, and Client Secret key. Copy them to paste in the Fluent Forms dashboard.

Now go to the Fluent Forms dashboard again. Paste the keys on the CleverReach option, and save the settings.

Step-3: Select a form to connect CleverReach

Now, check in to the Fluent Forms All Forms section. Choose a respective form that you want to link with CleverReach. Then, go to the settings & integrations section of that form. Select Marketing & CRM integrations section from the left sidebar.

Step-4: Create CleverReach feed

After clicking on the integration button, a feed will open. Name the feed, select the CleverReach list, map fields, and set conditional logic if needed. When all the configuration is done, click on the “Create CleverReach Feed” button feed.

To the end

To grow your email list, you have to focus on reaching as many as possible. Then by creating some interactive campaigns, and proper A/B testing, you can get the desired result. We hope this article helped you to learn the process of connecting the CleverReach in WordPress. 

If you want to know more about email campaigns, you can check out our articles on using ConvertKit and Moosend for a perfect knowledge of growing email lists doing email campaigns.

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