How to Create a Quiz in WordPress [No-brainer Solution!]

Sadiq Ahmad ○ June 19, 2022 ○ 11 minutes
How to create a quiz in WordPress

Quiz is getting traction in modern-day business promotion. People like interactive content, and quizzes can add a variation to your mundane content promotion. In the WordPress landscape, you can easily create a quiz with a quiz builder. 43% of websites are now built with WordPress, so it’s no more an optional platform, I believe.

At this point, if you wonder how to create a quiz in WordPress, I’m here to write the elaborate process. After discussing the step-by-step process, I’ll tell you why it’s important to keep quizzes in your marketing strategy. Above all, I’ll introduce you to a wonderful tool that’s awesome and highly beneficial for your business growth.

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How to create a quiz in WordPress

To create a quiz in WordPress, you need to get help from a quiz plugin. You can learn more about WordPress quiz plugins from another post. But here, I’ll show you the process with Fluent Forms. Why Fluent Forms? It’s versatile. Besides creating quizzes, you can perform tons of additional tasks to improve your business.

First, talk about the quiz feature in Fluent Forms. FYI, the quiz is a powerful module inside Fluent Forms, and it’s available only with the pro version. However, if you choose Fluent Forms, you can enjoy the following benefits for creating quizzes:

  • Create a viral quiz or personality test
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Build a questionnaire on a particular topic
  • Export results for further analysis
  • Connect with many email marketing tools
  • Send results via automated custom email
  • Randomized answers and questions
  • And more

Here, I’d like to talk about a few other features of Fluent Forms that can help you besides quizzes.

Learn more about the features and integrations of Fluent Forms from the mentioned links.

Let’s jump into the step-by-step process of creating a WordPress quiz.

Step 1 – Install a WordPress quiz plugin

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

Add a new plugin from the WordPress dashboard
Click Add New from Plugins under your WP dashboard

Now search for Fluent Forms, and click Install Now.

Search Fluent Forms in the search box of the plugins directory
Search and install Fluent Forms from the plugin directory

After the installation, you need to Activate it. Click the button, and it will be activated.

Activate the plugin
Activate the plugin

Since Quiz Module is a premium feature of Fluent Forms, you need to buy a pro license and upload it to your WordPress dashboard. Now, go to the Plugins again, and click the Upload button. Now locate the path where the Fluent Forms Pro ZIP folder is. After uploading, activate the license. In case you don’t know where the license is, go to your user dashboard of WPManageNinja.

Remember, although you’re using the pro version, you must keep the free version activated. Otherwise, the plugin won’t work because the free version is the base of the entire tool. That’s why I told you to install the free plugin in the first place.

Anyway, proceed to the next step, where we’ll set up a new form.

Step 2 – Create a form

Click Add a New Form and choose Blank Form. I’d like to create a quiz in the conversational style. I’m going to choose Create Conversational Form. But if you want a classic style, you can go for the blank form and add your preferred fields.

Create a new form
Create a new form

Since we’re going to create a quiz, it’s necessary to choose the fields that are built for quizzes. The following fields work for the Quiz Module in Fluent Forms:

  • Name 
  • Email
  • Date
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Multiselect
  • Quiz Score

I’m going to choose the fields needed for my quiz. I’ll mostly use Radio and Checkbox.

Add fields from the right panel inside Fluent Forms
Add the fields you need

Conversational forms have settings for layouts. Select the type you want to include in your form.

Configure the layout if you choose Conversational Forms
Configure the layout of the Conversational Forms

Go to the Design section where you can customize many things, including colors for questions, answers, buttons, button text, and backgrounds. You can also choose a background for the whole form. If you want different images for each question, upload images from the field settings instead of choosing one for the entire form.

Conversational Forms has a setting for design
Configure the design of the Conversational Forms

Conversational forms also have a sharing option where you can choose a direct URL, shortcode, and HTML code to embed your forms everywhere.

Many sharing options available with the Conversational Forms
You can set the sharing option

Now that we’re done with the conversational forms, let’s get back to the quiz module. You must include the Quiz Score field from Advanced Fields. Otherwise, you can’t display scores. From the setting, you can choose different score types.

Select the Quiz Score field and choose Score Type
Select the Quiz Score field and choose Score Type

Step 3 – Check out quiz settings

Now go to Quiz Settings from Settings & Integrations. First, check the box that says Enable Quiz Module.

See Quiz Settings and check out what's inside
Configure the Quiz Settings by setting up the score

Append Result: Enable this section if you want to show the result on the submission page.

Randomize Questions: If you enable this, random questions will appear every time users reload the page.

Randomize Options: If you want to display random answers, turn this option on.

Grade System: When you set Grade as the score type, the result will be shown as a grade. You can customize the grading system here. For instance, you can set the Grade Label as 1, 2, 3, or Excellent, Good, Okay, etc. Now set out the Minimum and Max Range for each grade. 

Next, go to the Quiz Questions, set out the score for each question, and write the correct answer. When you’re done with all the questions, click Save Settings.

Step 4 – Fix other settings

Fluent Forms has additional settings for custom confirmation. Go to the Other Confirmations and click Add Confirmation.

Add a new confirmation for Fluent Forms
Add a new confirmation

The Other Confirmations section looks like the following image. I’ll describe what each part means and what you need to do.

Other Confirmation with Fluent Forms
Other Confirmation with Fluent Forms

Give the Confirmation a name. It’s optional, by the way.

Select the Confirmation Type: on the submission page, another page, or a custom URL.

Message to show: Here, you can write your custom confirmation message. Use the text editor to customize your text, and add images if you want. Moreover, click Add Shortcodes and insert shortcodes to show various types of information. Especially add {quiz_result} to display the result in your confirmation.

After Form Submission: You can hide or reset the form by choosing one option.

Conditional Logic: This is the last one. Set the conditions to display the confirmation based on your condition.

Now, see what options are available for sending email notifications.

Step 5 – Send email notifications

You can send email notifications to your participants after the form submission. Fluent Forms has a lot of email tool integrations. Connect one of them to turn your users into contacts so that you can open a relationship and nurture it.

Let’s figure out the basic email notification settings. Don’t forget to install an SMTP tool and connect it with Fluent Forms. We have FluentSMTP – our own tool, and it’s free forever. Get it from WordPress.org and enable it from the integration list.

Now, go to Email Notifications from Settings & Integrations. Add a name for the notification in the first part.

Email Notifications of Fluent Forms
Send emails by configuring Email Notifications

Send To: Configure where you want to send the email. If you choose Enter Email, then you have to specify a particular email address. Select a Field allows you to choose a field for collecting emails. Ideally, you can include and select the email address field. The last one is Configure Routing. This is a conditional part where you can order something like “send to this email if it matches the selected conditions.”

Subject: Write a subject line as plain text, or you can customize it by including shortcodes for dynamic inputs.

Email Body: This is similar to the notification body I have discussed above. With images, stylized text, and of course, shortcodes – you can design your email body so that people feel pleasant while getting the message. Finally, check to Send Email as RAW HTML Format box if you want to send the email in a plain design.

Conditional Logics: Enable conditional logic

Media File Attachments: If you want to add any images/videos with the email, click the Upload button.

Advanced: The final part of the email notification. Let your users know where this email is coming from and who it is from. You can also add a reply address and BCC and CC.

Click the Save Notification button after completing everything.

We’re done with the quiz settings and how to create a quiz in WordPress. If you have time, you can read why you need a quiz for your content marketing strategy.

Why quiz is important for business

Quiz is fun. Quiz is interactive. If you want to give your users the feeling of playing a game, then quiz can be very handy. From increasing user engagement to improving brand awareness, quiz has a great impact on people’s mind. Let’s have a quick look at why you might try to adopt quizzes in your business.

Use a quiz builder to grow your brand with leads

Leads are future customers. The more leads you can earn, the more customer you can expect to get. It’s a crazy game, but you’ll always get something useful. For lead collection, quizzes can be used in various ways. You can go to people with fun and trivia quizzes around any niche to get people connected. Or, you can build quizzes based on your business and industry. Either way, you can leverage it to receive more leads. More potential customers.

Educate people with multiple-choice questions. With fun

Do you want to engage your users with your business more often? Make a quiz. Allow them to test their knowledge about your product’s new features. You can even take it one step further. Ask them to join the quiz and get some discounts. With multiple-choice questions, you can create quizzes, and users will get some fun moments during the test.

Allow them to figure out what they need

In the human mind, confusion reigns. East or west, people feel convoluted when deciding something. It may be during buying new things or purchasing a course. Why not help them find out what’s actually best for them? Quiz is a powerful solution here. Design a set of questions on various metrics and show the result where there is a definite answer. It’s a product recommendation. Purchasing a new subscription plan.

Run a quiz to give your students an engaging experience

It says testing helps memorize things. To forget is a human thing. To remember, people need to practice. That’s where a test comes in. Let your students get tested on what they’ve learned. A quiz is not serious as a regular exam. It’s fun and engaging. Make quizzes with questions about a chapter you’ve just delivered, or share them before starting a new chapter.

Employee assessment and cultural training

It’s been a regular task to understand where your employees are at growth. You can easily achieve this by setting up a quiz once in a while. Build questions around topics your organization needs. Why do you have to limit yourself to the skillsets only? Infuse your culture across all your teammates by testing their learning with a set of quizzes.

Fluent Forms – the best quiz builder?

If you only need a quiz builder, then there are other tools you may consider. Free and pro – many options are available according to your business needs.

In terms of creating quizzes, Fluent Forms has excellent options. But if you want to use this feature for free, then Fluent Forms can’t help you because the quiz is a premium option.

Having said all that, Fluent Forms is the tool you need when you’re using it to grow your business. It certainly has some fantastic features to create amazing forms and collect payments.

Even a quiz builder is a powerful option with all the necessary fields and advanced features. You can connect email marketing tools to add your participants to contact lists.

Create survey quiz, fun quiz, personality quiz, trivia quiz, and quizzes you may imagine. Combining all the fields and different score types, Fluent Forms is surely a brilliant choice for building quizzes.


Now you know how to create a quiz in WordPress with Fluent Forms. On top of that, you can adopt quizzes along with your other content marketing strategies. Since interactive content is beneficial for user engagement, you should definitely try out quizzes. 

Sadiq Ahmad
Sadiq Ahmad

I am a fan of ‘WordPress’ and ‘Haevn.’ After spending one-third of my life with WordPress, I can advocate, this CMS lets you create anything you could imagine. Build. Expand. Grow. Hi, my name is Sadiq. I write about WordPress while listening to Haevn.

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